6 safety rules when opening a car door


Knowing and following these safety rules when opening your car door will help you avoid unintended problems. Check to see whether you have applied them or not!

Many drivers and passengers always assume that opening a car door is a simple act. For this reason, they never get to see the danger that may be coming as a result of how they opened the car door when alighting. And this tends to cause fatal crashes in most cases.

If you're in this category, Naijacarnews will be letting you in on 6 rules in opening a car door you should know and follow so you can avoid accidental occurrence.

1. Look around carefully

The first rule you should follow before getting inside and out of any car is to carefully observe your surroundings. The door mirror comes handy here, as well as your eyes. Look behind where your views are obstructed before opening the car door. Make sure there's no incoming object when you open your car door.


Carefully observe your surroundings using the door mirror before opening the car door

2. Open the door

This act is underrated by many motorists because they see it as being simple. When you're opening the door, hold the handle with your left hand then use your right hand to pull the trigger. Using both hands to open the door will help you control how it opens.

3. Open the car door slowly

Don't be in a hurry to open the door when alighting from the car. Open the door slowly so that other cars will be notified in time of your intention to get down from the car. Some drivers are slow to react so they won't be quick enough to react to a door that was suddenly opened. Instead, open a fraction of the door where you can easily slide out before opening it wide when there's no incoming object.


Opening the car door slowly will help you be at alert when there's an oncoming object

4. Warn the passengers

If you're carrying passengers, warn them to look carefully before opening the door to get down. And if they're children or old folks, you can tell them to stay in the car while you come down to open the car door for them. It's better you're in control of the situation to avoid any problem.


It's advisable you come down from the car and open the door for children

5. Check the distance

Stopping to park your car in a narrow parking area will damage it when other car owners open their doors in a reckless manner. Check the distance outside before you park so you don't damage someone's car when opening the door.


Before you park your car, check the distance outside so you don't damage someone's car

6. Look for a good parking spot

To make sure you don't end up damaging your car, slow down when you're approaching the parking lot or your destination. Make sure the spot you chose to park is wide enough that there won't be any obstruction when opening the car door.

Before you park the car, make sure the area is wide enough to allow you to open the car door without causing any damage. Don't forget to also look around before you open your car door.

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