6 Steps to protect yourself when you think someone is following you


Fear won't help you but those steps will in this situation.

We see this in the movies all the time. After a long day, you are driving home to get a well-deserved rest. As a good driver that you are, you regularly check your mirrors to be sure that you are on the right tracks. Each time you do that, you see a particular car behind you. At first, you think it’s just a coincidence, but the car is still following you after some time.

Now, it’s clear to you that you are being followed. In that confused moment, it’s hard to think straight. Panic engulfs you. Several thoughts are running through your mind, you are finding it hard to concentrate on driving.

Calm down. Naijacarnews is here to give you all the tips you need to survive this.

6 things to do when you think someone is following you while driving

1. Be sure you are being followed

The road is a public place; several people use it. Just because someone happens to be driving behind you doesn’t mean that they are following you. It could actually be a coincidence that the person turned in the same direction you did.

To be very clear about your suspicion, drive in circles. Take about three or four turns, and drive though the same routes again. If the person is still following you after that many turns, it’s obvious that they have you in mind.


Night drives won't turn a nightmare if you follow those tips

2. Copy the car’s plate number

Now that you are sure you are being followed, you need to ensure that, whatever happens, the identity of the driver is unveiled. In this situation, the best you can do in that regard is to get the car’s plate number. Obviously, you don’t have to stop your car to do that. Use your mirrors. Make a mental note of the first and last digits of the plate number.

3. Zoom off

Having gotten the plate number, it’s time to run like your life is in danger because it really is. It’d help a lot if you aren’t a learner driver. If your seatbelt isn’t on you, fix it.

Imagine you are participating in a car race. Run as fast as you can to give that car a good distance. Anyone who would trail someone with a car must be a good driver, so you have to brazen up for a chase. There’s no guarantee that he/she can drive better than you. Give them a run for their money.

4. Drive to the nearest police station or army barracks

Driving home is suicidal, unless you live in an army barracks. If you live in that area, you should know the way to the police station in town. Find your way to the station. No criminal in their right senses would follow you into a police station. If a police station isn’t close by, what about an army barracks? You are desperate at this point, whichever one closest to you is perfect.


Police stations are the best place to take the assistance

5. Drive to a public area

If you are unlucky to not find a police station or army barracks close to you, drive around until you get to a place where there are many people. Evil guys are afraid of crowds. They know that what they are about to do is a crime, and wouldn’t want to get caught. When you drive into a public place, get help. Talk to someone about your suspicion, so they can assist you to get the help you need.

6. Call your family or friend

Using your phone while driving is against road safety rules. But this is a matter of life and death. You have to be alive to obey traffic rules. When you get to a public area, slow down, so you can dial a number. Speed dial is very important here; it saves you the stress of searching for numbers. Don’t be alone in that situation. Make sure you are around people.


With a phone in your hand, you can seek help from accquaintances as well as police

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