7 driving ethics for drivers to avoid car accidents


Hitting the road brings along hidden risks that might be from the drivers themselves or other road users. To diminish these risks to the least the drivers have to equip themselves with proper driving skills. Naijacarnews.com today will help you to learn about 7 neccessary driving ethics to avoid car accidents. Check out!

Lots of road accidents in Nigeria can actually be avoided if drivers make an effort not to be reckless. The FRSC have always endeavoured to enlighten the populace on speed limit, safety and general road rules. But not everyone obeys them. Over a thousand accidents occur every year on Nigerian roads, and many of them end up being fatal. From drunk driving and using phones while behind the wheels to sleeping while driving and disobeying traffic rules, the list of reasons for these accidents are almost endless.

Can anything be done to avoid car accidents? Yes! Therefore, for those who probably don't have the highway codes or just want better ways to stay safe while driving, here are some helpful tips on how drivers can avoid accidents, brought to you by Naijacarnews.com!

1. Slow down when in traffic or areas with pedestrians

Many Nigerian drivers have a notion that roads are meant for cars and not people, forgetting that cars are driven by people. That is probably why commercial drivers especially rarely slow down. The rush to pick up more passengers, the need to meet up with time and to overtake competitors makes them drive in top speeds. This can lead to accidents.

To avoid this, make a mental note to slow down when you're in an area with vehicle or human traffic. Look out for zebra crossings and signs that tell you what speed you should not exceed while in that particular area.


Driving fast reduces the time of reaction to a situation

2. Maintain your lane

Almost every driver don't like being taken advantage of. For instance, when they are cut off by a vehicle from behind or overtaken, there's that urge to revenge and show the other driver what they are made of. This usually doesn't end well. That's where defensive driving should actually come in. Accept the fact that some drivers are either just intentionally annoying or in more hurry than you.

Let them get ahead of you while you maintain your lane. Also, do not forcefully overtake a car in front, except you're certain the other lane is safe and you can successfully maneuver.


Changing your lane might make you encounter with unexpected vehicles or objects in the way

3. Don't follow the car in front of you too closely

Heavy traffic jams always push drivers to tail the cars in front of them bumper to fender. This can lead to an accident when the car in front stops abruptly or your brake fails all of a sudden. You will also be saving fuel, putting less stress on your brake pads and preventing engine sludge. Therefore, maintain a distance of about two feet or 3 seconds from the car directly in front of you.

4. Wear a seat belt and drive with both hands

No matter how perfect your driving has become, endeavor to drive with both hands. This makes it easier for you to handle an emergency or sudden loss of control. Place your hands at 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock positions. It might be comfortable but it enables you balance the wheels easily and faster. Also make sure you drive with your seatbelts on. This way you're still strapped in a safe place when a collision occurs.

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5. Ensure all your driver assistance and safety systems are in good condition

Lots of cars these days come with driver assistance and safety systems. Always go for routine car maintenance and have them all checked - rom the rear view camera, mirrors, windshield, brakes, navigation system and so on. This not only makes your driving easy but helps reduce the possibilities of accidents.

Finally, obey all traffic rules and regulations. Don't drink and drive. Don't speed when it's raining. Ensure your headlamps, hazard lights and wipers are working perfectly. Keep your eyes on the road and always be on the look out for oncoming traffic. Follow these tips and you would be as safe as you can ever imagine.

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