7 tips to drive safely near large trucks


Driving around large trucks is a serous issue as a little mishap can be deadly. Learn driving safety to protect yourself while moving around the trucks!

The sight of a large truck close to you while driving can be scary. Even if you are an expert driver, you have every reason to be worried. While you can vouch for your own expertise, you can’t vouch for that of the driver of the truck. In the process of trying to find their way, a little mishap might occur, and the story could change for worse.


Driving alongside large trucks holds perilous risks for road participants

There has been a series of accidents involving large trucks in Lagos. Many lives and properties have been lost. Despite efforts by the government to keep these trucks out of the road during the day, they still move, endangering the lives of motorists. In the midst of this struggle for movement, disasters occur.

One cannot be too careful. You need to take every precautionary measure in the books to stay safe. Your go-to car website Naijacarnews is here to give you all the information you need.

7 ways to drive safely around large trucks

1. Stay away from the blind spots

Large vehicles have blind spots on the back, front and sides. To ascertain this, check if you can see the driver on the rear mirror of the truck. Can you see him? If the answer is no, it means he can’t see you either. Move away to a distance where he can see you. Otherwise, he might unknowingly move in your direction.


Large trucks are often restricted in view

2. Look carefully before overtaking

Large trucks move very slowly, causing delays to motorists who are behind them, Majority of accidents involving large trucks occur when motorists try to overtake them without proper checks. Don’t move  just because you see a little space. Be very sure that the space is wide enough. Horn continuously so the driver is aware that someone is overtaking. If possible, use your hand to wave at the driver as you move. That way, he’s fully aware of your presence, and will give you space.

3. Be patient

Patience is a virtue many Nigerian drivers don’t have; they are always in a hurry. As the popular saying goes: it’s better late than never.

Dragging road with a large truck is suicidal. If anything goes wrong, you cannot withstand the weight of the truck.

Don’t tailgate either. Give such trucks enough space. Spending more time on the road is better than getting involved in a ghastly accident.

4. Create room for wide turns

Trucks are very large. As a result of their size, they require a lot of space while turning or reversing. The best thing to do in such moments is to give them space. Just park your car at a reasonable distance. Sometimes, it might look like there’s an opening for you to pass through. Don’t fall for that temptation. Remain still until the truck finishes turning or reversing. Move your car only when the road is clear.


Trucks and buses are two of the most difficult vehicles to tame

5. Fasten your seat belt

Seal belts aren’t in cars for fancy. They are there for a very important reason – safety. A seat belt gives you good balance. You are able to control your car smartly to any direction. This is very important so as to dodge any irregular movements of large trucks. Also, if there’s a collision, your fastened seat belt keeps you in one position, reducing chances of injury.

6. Avoid distractions

It’s very common to see Nigerian drivers making a call, texting or checking out social media while driving. It’s very unwise of you to take your eyes off the road while driving around a large truck; you are indirectly saying that you don’t value your life. Driving close to such vehicles is a matter of life and death, every other thing can wait.


It's common sense when it comes to driving or riding, don't be distracted by technological gadgets

7. Be sober

Driving under the influence of alcohol is generally dangerous. It’s even worse when it’s done beside heavy machines. Since you have no idea of the kind of vehicles you’ll meet on the road, it’s better to avoid drinking before taking off.

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