8 measures to take when maneuvering inside a construction site


There is no such thing as "too safe", follow these tips for your own good.

In any moment, there's at least one construction site in Lagos and God knows how many in the entire country.  Although the construction scene might be familiar to us, it doesn't mean we are fully aware of what might happen. Below are some points to remember if you don't want to damage your car driving within the construction areas.

1. Pay attention to safety signs 

Wherever the safety signs appear, there would be a threat to your, well, safety! So be more cautious driving around the area with this type of signs.


Be careful, slow down and look around when you see one of those signs like these

2. Pay attention to the site supervisors

You are driving in their zone, so they know the best ways to maneuver in it and you should listen to them. In most cases, their instruction overrides any safety sign that have been placed before.

3. Be gentle

Don't honk your horn repeatedly, it won't get you out of it any faster. Construction sites are often messy and sometimes take up space on the road so you need to be patient in this situation. And never try to get ahead by encroaching lanes. Everyone wants to get home quickly, not just you.

4. Maintain a safe distance

In construction sites, roadblocks and derbies are everywhere some sudden stops or slowing down from the car ahead of you should be expected. So drive slowly and keep a safe distance so that you'd have enough time to react.

a-worker-and-some-cars-o- a-construction-site

Drive slowly and keep a safe distance so that you'd have time to react

5. Be attentive

This is not the time to pull your phone out of your pocket, it's best if it stays that way. Though the speed of the vehicles in construction sites are often low, debris and roadblocks can appear where you least expected.

6. Avoid the drainage

You want to save the space for others, such as people or motorbikes, to travel, we understand that. But the weight of a car against a weak ground is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes the ground can fall down, leaving your car stuck there for god know how long.

7. Stay far from big machinery

This does not only apply to driving on construction sites but on the road also. Big machines are hard to change direction so just a wrong turn could easily land you in the hospital.

8. Fasten your seatbelt

This can never be overstated. No matter where you are, in the city or on the countryside, always fasten your seatbelt.


No matter where you are, in the city or on the countryside, always fasten your seatbelt

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