9 things to note for when reversing your car


You obviously can't do without reversing your car at one point in time. if not properly done, it can expose you to lots of dangers. Click here to see 09 things you must know before reversing your car!

Except you are one of those who believe so much in science fiction, this is when you would buy a car without reverse capability. Obviously, you cannot avoid it. There are certain points it would be so needful. Reversing your car either be done quietly and safe or put you into trouble. Bottom line, you put your life and others on a line if you do not know certain things about reversing. Here on NaijaCarNews.com are what you should be mindful of if you are thinking of reversing your car.

Things to note when reversing your car

1. It is very important to note that there might be physical road obstruction, presence of children or physically challenged people on the road. Make sure you inspect properly before you attempt to reverse your car.

2. You should be wary of blind spot especially right behind you. It is often difficult to see this part of the road as a driver even if you use the mirror or even look back.

3. Always adjust your side mirror when required. This will give you good view of the road. Many at times, some cars come equipped with adjustable side mirrors when you engage the reverse gear.

4. Sometimes, it is good to find someone to assist you when attempting to reverse. Refrain from reversing when you have no good view of your back.

5. Stop reversing to the major road from side road to avoid heavy collision from an incoming vehicle. It is very risky!

6. When you want to attempt reversing in the night, make sure your headlight is off and deploy the reversal light. If possible, you can also use your hazard light too to be safe.

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7. Take your time when attempting to reverse. Do it slowly while making good use of your mirror. Do not reverse at top speed except in a very rare situation when your safety is at stake and you are trying to escape imminent danger.

8. Always reverse moderately. Do not reverse beyond the safety for the sake of your car. If you attempt that, you and your car might end up in a very deep hole that would damage your car and waste lot of your time.

9. Avoid getting too dependent on the reverse camera equipped in your car.

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