Abuja to Jos by road: short trip but requires careful preparation


If you’re thinking of travelling to Jos from Abuja, here’s what you should know about this short travel trip. Check our suggestions below carefully!

Road travel between Jos and Abuja is common and inevitable. That’s because there are no plane options from Abuja to Jos. If you’re thinking of travelling from Abuja to Jos by road, here’s what you should know about this short travel trip, especially if it’s your first time. This travel guide from Naijacarnews.com will take you on a tour.


You'll see this banner when arriving at Jos

1. Abuja to Jos bus services & prices

Very few standard Bus Transport companies run the Abuja-Jos route, however, there are two very popular transport companies that offer bus services for this route.

  • Blue Whale Transport Service

This is one of the two pronounced Bus Transport firms plying the Jos-Abuja route.

Terminal: - Karu Extension, Karu, Abuja

Price: N1,800 – N2,200

  • Plateau Riders:

This is one very popular transport service running the Jos-Abuja route. It offers one of the best and trusted interstate transport service for this route

Terminal: Utako, Abuja

Price: N1,500 – N2,000

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2. Things to consider when choosing a bus from Abuja to Jos

  • Budget

Abuja to Jos usually costs around 1,500 – 2,000 naira. Even with that, you should have a budget and stick to it. Don’t buy things on the road, if it’s not within your budget. One safety tip you should know is to avoid getting on unregistered buses. Though they are cheaper, they are however inconvenient and dangerous to enter. In the event that something happens, it may be hard locating you. So, do the needful. Go to the park.

  • Route

There are various routes to enter Jos from Abuja. There’s a major route though but you should enquire about the route your bus company is taking to see whether it’ll suit you and your plans.

  • Distance from the park

The parks in Abuja are usually at the outskirts, so you should consider the one closest to you to avoid spending more than you should.

  • Trip packages

Different bus companies with their different packages. Make enquiries about the bus company you plan to patronize. You should also look at the sitting arrangement, and the category of the bus that’s carrying you. If you’re lucky, you would get free snacks during the trip.

3. How far & how long is from Abuja to Jos by road?

Abuja to Jos is a wholesome 4 hours, probably a little more than that if the driver is slow. The duration really depends on how fast the vehicle loads, and the speed rate at which the vehicle is travelling. The distance from Abuja to Jos is 290 kilometers. 

Abuja to Jos is about 290 kilometers

4. Notes for travelling from Abuja to Jos by road

4.1. What to Pack

Well, that depends on your purpose for travelling from Abuja to Jos in the first place. It’s also dependent upon how many days/weeks/months you plan to stay for. If you’re travelling in the harmattan/rainy season, then you’d probably have to order a truckload of warm clothes. Jos is known to be extremely cold in these seasons, so you should prepare.

What you’d need are gloves for your hands, boots for your feet (in the day and at night in bed. Yes, it’s that cold, and it gets harsher every minute.), thick sweaters/ jackets and thick duvets. Skirts? Don’t bother packing those. There’s every possibility that you wouldn’t wear them. You would want to layer up, not leaving any skin uncovered.  There are trousers to the rescue! You could send your luggage via courier though, since that’d be too heavy.

4.2. What to Eat

4 hours on the road is not such a long time, you’d agree. Even so, be sure to eat before leaving your house as there are no stops on the road. Ingest something that could hold you for that amount of time. If however, you’re looking to snack as you go, you could indulge in road side snacks, and a chilled drink of Pepsi should do. Otherwise, you could just opt in for something really light like corn and coconut.

Whatever you want to eat, just be sure to get it before leaving the park/bus terminal. That’s because the driver wouldn’t stop along the way, and you wouldn’t want to keep going on an empty stomach.

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You would definitely love Farin Gada market in Jos

4.3. Travel Tips

For your trip, here’s what you should know;

  • Leave your house early.

You’re absolutely right, it’s a short trip. All the more reason why you should leave early. You can’t predict what could happen. It’s a straight road, and a travel road at that. Only a few cars tend to ply that road. If your vehicle breaks down, what’s going to happen then? It may be night until help locates you. It’s best to avoid that situation and leave early.

Asides that, you’d get to your destination faster because the bus would get filled on time. You’d even forget that you travelled. Thus, more rest for you.

  • There are two routes from Abuja to Jos.

Your driver could decide to go through Kaduna, or go from Nassarawa through to Kaduna and then to the Plateau.

  • Remind the driver of your get-off destination

Find the nearest bus stop to where you’re headed and inform the driver from time to time. They forget, so it’s easy for them to pass by your bus-stop.

  • Hold on to a sweater because of the change in temperature, on getting to the plateau.
  • Mind your language

Speak English on getting to Jos. Alternatively, you could speak pidgin. Don’t try to speak Hausa especially if you’re an amateur at the language. Do not test the waters on this one to avoid being misunderstood/misled.

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4.4. Places to Visit when in Jos Plateau

  • Shere Hills

The Shere Hills are located 10 km to the east of the capital of Plateau State. Here you can enjoy the picturesque scenery of the nature!


The scenic beauty of Shere Hills, Jos Plateau

  • Jos Wildlife Park

​The Jos Wildlife Park is situated at 41 Tudun Wada Rd, Jos. The park opens from 9 a.m to 6 p.m during weekdays and Saturday. The opening hours of Sunday are from 12 p.m to 6 p.m.


Wild animals you can watch at Jos Wildlife Park

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