Abuja to Sokoto by road: What to note for?


Sokoto with historical sites located attracts visitors from all over the country and abroad. If you are stationed in Abuja, here are our tips that help you prepare for a successful Abuja to Sokoto by road.

Sokoto is a historical city located in the extreme of Nigeria’s northwestern region with hidden gems to discover. The journey from Abuja to Sokoto takes just over 9 hours if the shorter route is followed and just under twelve hours for the other route.

One of the two routes from Abuja to Sokoto by road is the one via Kaduna-Zaria Road while the other route which obviously takes much more time follows through Minna via Birnin Kebbi and into Sokoto. These other routes can be completed in about 12 hours.

Below are some guidelines from Naijacarnews for your journey from Abuja to Sokoto by road!

Map from Abuja to Sokoto by road showing the possible routes

Things to consider when choosing a bus from Abuja to Sokoto

1. Timing

At what time do you want to reach Abuja? How soon or how fast do you want to get to Sokoto? Do you want to go with the day or night bus? These questions will help you in choosing the best transport company and bus for your journey.

2. Budget

How much can you afford to pay for your trip? Whatever amount you have scheduled to pay for the trip will determine which bus park you will leave from to reach Sokoto, what transport company you would be using and which of their vehicle packages you will be subscribing to. It is advisable to search for and select a transport company that has ticket prices which you can afford.

3. Route

What route do you want to take with this kind of public transport? The bus route is an important factor and it is very advisable for you to find out before booking a seat, which route is plied by which company as you might not be comfortable going through some particular routes.

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Trip duration from Abuja to Sokoto by road

The duration of the journey from Abuja to Sokoto is affected by a lot of factors. However, the average duration of the journey is 10 to 11 hours. The total distance from Abuja to Sokoto is over 660 kilometers by road. There are quite a number of existent factors which can reduce or increase the expected duration of the trip. Examples are festive periods, public holidays and rainy seasons.


Sokoto is thriving in tourism for hot spots of attraction here

Also, there are different routes to get to Sokoto. These routes have different durations and could determine how long or how short the journey would be.

What to pack on the way from Abuja to Sokoto

The journey from Abuja to Sokoto is a bit long, so packing has to be very strategic and purposeful. Make sure you get to the park on time, so you can access a good seat and have some extra priority put on your luggage.

Let the driver know about any fragile item in your bag. Keep an eye on the arrangement of luggage so your bag isn’t squashed under a much bigger bag.


Too much luggage means higher charges

You have to make a traveling-habit to pack light and essential. For a trip this long, it is even much more important as you could be arriving Sokoto later during the day and would be too tired to want to stress yourself more. Also, your luggage will be weighed by the company, in other words, more luggage will means higher charges.

If by any chance, you have to hand over your load to a porter, alabaru, to carry, make sure you keep an eye on your bags so they don’t get carted away.

Avoid carrying or wearing any sort of camouflage material as it has been banned for non-military persons. There are security checkpoints on the way and if this material is found on you, you will be made subject to embarrassment, punishment, and extortion by the law enforcement officers.

Fill the personal information form usually given at the pack, with your correct name and other important personal details required. You never know, there might be a need to contact a next-of-kin for you.

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Important tips for first-timers going on an Abuja to Sokoto trip by road

Everyone needs a careful preparation but first-timers need to pay even more attention to details. Below are some of our suggestions!

1. Rest well the night before your trip. The Sokoto trip is quite a long one and the chances you will sleep peacefully and without body aches are very low. You will enjoy the journey much better if you’re well-rested.

2. Empty your stomach by visiting the toilet before you leave your home. This is especially applicable to people who experience stomach upset whenever they make long trips. This is just to avoid the embarrassment of having to ask for an abrupt stop to be made so you go to the pool in a Bush.

3. Keep your valuables with you in a carry-on bag. Make sure you have the bag with you at all times.

4. Do not leave your property alone for any other passenger to watch. Unless you have a person you are traveling with on the bus.

5. Drive with the driver. Keep your eyes on the road as much as you can.

6. Try as much as possible to enjoy the views and beautiful scenery during the ride to Abuja. You can achieve this by getting to the park early so you can have a window seat.

7. Leave your home with a charged-up power bank if you have one. You could also seat at the front beside the driver so you can use the bus’s charging port and even listen to music if you like.

8. Never forget to research services from different transport companies in Nigeria such as ABC Transport, Cross Country, Young Shall Grow Transport, and Peace Mass Transit Limited.

9. This is not a discouraging attempt but you should as well consider the major problems of road transport in Nigeria before heading for this means of transport.


Don't leave your luggage in the bus if you're not sure, it's in safe hands

Places to visit in Sokoto

Here are some nice spots to visit in Sokoto if you can manage the time:

1. The Sultan of Sokoto’s Palace


This is the home of the traditional and spiritual ruler of Sokoto


Inside the Sultan of Sokoto's Palace

2. Surame Cultural Landscape


Surame was added to the UNESCO World Heritage in 2007

3. The Tomb of Usman Dan Fodio

4. Waziri Junaidu History and Culture Museum

5. Sokoto Museum

6. Usmanu Danfodio University


It is formerly known as the University of Sokoto


Usmanu Danfodio University is one of the first twelve government-owned universities in Nigeria

7. Goronyo Dam


The dam was commissioned in 1992

8. National Galery of Art

9. Federal High Court, Sokoto

10. Sokoto State University


The Sokoto State University was established by the then Sokoto State Governor Aliya Wamakko


The university trains students of 23 faculties

11. Sokoto Potabilization plant


The plant was under construction during a period between 1987 and 1990

If you arrive early at the bus terminal, it would be nice to get a seat by the window. That way, you get to enjoy this obviously long trip to the fullest. Do keep your carry bags close by and keep an eye on them. Enjoy your trip and have a safe journey!!! Hope the tips above help facilitate your visit from Abuja to Sokoto by road.

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