All Lagos State Emergency Numbers - when and how you should contact them


In case of abuse, fire incident, harassment or any other form of distress, these are the compiled lists of emergency hotlines in Lagos and Nigeria. We also put here the procedures of what to do when contacting them. Check it!

1. When you should contact Lagos emergency hotlines

Emergency numbers are usually used in times of distress, trouble or any kind of harassment. To contact Lagos emergency numbers, you have to be a resident living within the state.

There is a possibility that you might have seen "Call 112" on vehicles used by the police and trucks specifically used by fire service. These numbers are designated to contact a particular response agency to cater for your pressing need at that point in time.

For example, if you have an urgent need for ambulance to rescue a critical situation, all you have to do is place a call to the ambulance service right from where you are.


Lagos State emergency hotline number will come to rescue if you are in urgent need and residing in the state

Emergencies are kind of disasters that give forewarning before they happen. So, these numbers or hotlines will help you prevent such situation. Quite frankly, many people living in Lagos State do not really know these numbers or hotlines when such situation arises. Most surprisingly, many people still hold the mindset that the helpline is “911”, which is not usable in any part of the country. As Lagosians, it is highly expected and vital to know at least hotlines to police, fire and ambulance service.


FRSC emergency numbers are usually written on their patrol vehicles for public use

2. Full list of Lagos emergency numbers

It is important you know that these numbers are only for those residing within Lagos State, and they are there to help you identify the relevant agency you need to contact for your type of critical situation. When you contact any of these hotlines, you will get a response quick enough to save you from such distress or even when the problem is way beyond your control.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of every hotline within Lagos for your perusal here on Naijacarnews, in case you are in dire need or at the middle of emergency.

Lagos Emergency hotline numbers
 Agency  Contact number
Distress Call 767, 112 
Distressed/Collapsed Building (LASPPDA) 01-59319474933658, 4931940, 7630854
Ambulance Service (LASAMBUS/LASEMS) 08022887777,08022883678,08022887788, 01-7413744,01-7930490,01-7639939
Environmental Monitoring 0803318347078,043705057, 08023036632
Flooding/Blocked Drainage (EFAG) 08056145481, 08023298197, 08096019599, 08056145484, 08055988566
Health Facilities Regulation (HEFAMA) 08033229049, 08023149120
Radio Lagos/EKO FM (News Alert) 017267611
Lagos Television (News Alert ) 01-496728
Open Corpse (SEHMU) 08034279776, 08033602259, 08023356540, 08030789190
Office of Public Defender (Public Complaints) 01-8975571,7926928
Citizens Mediation Center 08023128837,07055003863
Rapid Response Squad (RRS) 08056250710,08033482380,08023127350, 08033355544, 01-7750715,01-4970389, 01-4970062, 01-4931261, 01-4920388
Traffic Control (LASTMA) 08075005411, 08023111742, 08077551000
BRT Lagbus 08023146096, 08033036816
Pothole/Collapsed Road 07060907493
Broken Pipe/Water Leakage 08034068265
Cutting of Roads (LASMIRA) 08033060452
Environmental/Noise Pollution (LASEPA) 07027951351
Signage/Outdoor Advertising (LASAA) 01-8996502-9, 01-8251398
Security Trust Fund  08028328204
Fire/Safety Services 08033234943, 08023321770
Tax Issues (LIRS) 08033033121,08033047270,01-4979030-4
Vehicle Registration/ Drivers License (MVAA) 08029293099
Land Issues 08034030263
Refuse Issues (LAWMA) 5577 (TOLL FREE), 07080601020,08023128099
Environmental & Special Offences Task Force 07055028673
Fake Drugs/Narcotics (TASK FORCE) 08033213799, 08034975296
NAFDAC 01-4528031,01-4731018
NDLEA 0803347868
Nigeria Police 08033011052,08056250710,08033183477
Emergency Management (LASEMA) 08060907333,08023127654,08022234870, 01-6574706, 01-6574714
Lagos state accident & emergency centre (lasaec) ikeja 0807 569 0102

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Dialing Lasema emergency number/ toll free lines in Nigeria can not only save life but properties as well

Notices when contacting emergency numbers in Lagos

Most importantly, any distress call you make will be directed to Emergency Communication Centres (ECC), which acts as a bridge between the emergency response agencies and distressed. Such call must be processed through toll free lines, and appropriate agency will be contacted. These are the following steps when contacting Lagos hotlines.

  • Ascertain the type of distress and the most appropriate body to contact from the list of emergency numbers.
  • You do not need to wait after the incident before you make the call.
  • While making the call, stay as calm as possible and provide valid information to the person at the receiving end.
  • Refrain from false alarm or making wrong calls.
  • Present a clear description of the issue (when, where, why it happened, who's involved) and how much time you have.
  • Wait for their arrival and refrain from taking matters into your hands.

Note: When in distress or any form of trouble, make sure you call the Lagos emergency number only if you are staying within Lagos State. For people outside the gate, check below for the Nigerian emergency numbers.


In case of life-threatening situation, place a call to the ambulance emergency number in Nigeria, for quick medical assistance

3. Office of the Public Defender Lagos

Besides Lagos state emergency number list, you should be aware of Public Defender Lagos office for your own protection.

Founded 24 July, 2000, the Office of the Public Defender is under the jurisdiction of Lagos State Ministry of Justice. It was created under the administration of former Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to ensure the provision of free and quality legal services to the oppressed and indigent residents of Lagos State. The organisation places emphasis on the issues facing and threatening the socio-economic rights of the disadvantaged groups in the society such as poor, children and women.

Contacts of Public Defender Lagos

Address: Head Office of Public Defender Lagos, 2-8, Iyun Road, Stadium/Barrack Bus-stop, Surulere, Lagos.

Telephone: +234 (0) 7080 601 080


For more information and procedures on how to lodge your complaints, please visit their official website at

Procedure & notices when visiting office of Public Defender Lagos

After you have located the office via the address highlighted above, there are certain things you need to know about how they run things at the agency and type of cases you can take there.

  • They attend to all kinds of people as long as you are a resident of Lagos.
  • You will be required to pay no amount to enjoy their services. This means their rendered services are free of charge to all residents of Lagos.
  • The type of cases they attend to at the agency include divorce, child abuse, family matters, compensation/monetary claims, employer-employee, recovery of debts, recovery of possessions, landlord/tenant, sexual abuse, unlawful detention, rescue mission, prison decongestion exercise, child right custody and maintenance, civil matters e.t.c.
  • If by chance the respondent fails to honour the OPD invitation after you have filed a report, the person will be re-invited and later charged to court if he/she fails to oblige.
  • in case you are not interested in court case, the OPD has an alternative way of settling the dispute, known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  • OPD doesn't take every case reported to its office. Cases that are not under its jurisdiction will be reviewed and transferred to relevant bodies to take up from there.
  • OPD will not take any case that happened outside Lagos State.
  • For Landlord/Tenant issue, OPD by statutory will only defend or represent the tenant.

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4. List of Emergency numbers in Nigeria

Generally speaking, emergency numbers are not only limited to those residing within Lagos. There are some that are applicable to every Nigerian. For instance, you can make use of “199” or “112” to contact the Ambulance services or Federal Fire Service in the country, despite the fact that the number traditionally falls within the police helpline. Just like every hotline, these numbers can only be dialed when one or more people are in a critical issue or matter.

Emergency Numbers in Nigeria
 Agency  Hotlines
Nigeria Police Emergency

01-4931260, 01-4978899

Inspector General of Police (IGP) 0805966666 (SMS only)
Violation of Girls and Women (VGM) 080072732255
Rapid Response Squad (RRS) 070-55350249, 070-35068242, 080-79279349
State Security Service (SSS) 0812222105-9
Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) 122, 07002255372
Child Domestic Violence 08107572829
Depression/Suicide Prevention 08062106493, 08092106493, 09034400009, 09080217555, 08111909909, 07013811143
Nigerian Army Human Rights (NAHR) - any harassment from army officials 08160134303, 08161507644
National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) 01-4609-750, 0909-763-0506, 0909-763-0507


Certain situation warrants quick response; knowing these hotlines is very important to your safety and loved ones

5. How effective are emergency numbers in Lagos & Nigeria in general?

Truth be said, Nigerians might have reason to doubt the public institutions due to the non-responsiveness to their plights. Sometimes it could be sad or unforgettable personal experiences with them that might encourage people to take matter into their hands.

However, that doesn’t stop some from working. Things are looking a bit better now and it is essential you stop living in ignorance and save yourself from distress. To solidify this narrative, take a look at a comment from Nairaland with the username @autofreak2020, who shared his neighbour’s experience with one of these emergency hotlines

He wrote:

"I was very much impressed when a neighbour called lagos state emergency number (767) two weeks ago, a soon as the fully ready armed robbers evaded my street, he called this number and RRS squad arrived less than 15 minutes after his call and intervane which lead to the arrest of two of them and one of them was shot down while trying to escape in the gun battle between mobile policemen and robbers.
The incident erased all elements of doubt in my mind, i am urging all to never under-estimate the effectiveness of 767 in lagos and all other emergency numbers accross the states."


When you suspect some individuals distributing unsafe consumables around, call the NAFDAC emergency number

You never can tell, these emergency numbers in Lagos and Nigeria might come handy when you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned above. Please do not hesitate to share this information with friends and loved ones. 

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