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Many people like to shy away and avoid Night driving because they just can’t handle it. These top 5 tips can help you achieve safe night driving.

It is our duty here at to not only give you car maintenance tips but also equip you with enough knowledge to help you drive safely and smart in all possible circumstances.

Night driving is certainly not something that should be ignored because no matter how principled we are and try to avoid it, we can sometimes be caught up in situations whereby we just have to do it. Imagine a baby delivery emergency case in the middle of the night, does it really make sense to abandon your car and be seeking a commercial bus at such hour in such a scenario? No!

Also, on another note, some people are compelled to drive at night because of the nature of their jobs while some funny people just love night driving.

We cannot deny the fact that night driving has many risks attached to it. But we believe that any cautious and well-informed driver can drive safely at night if he/she abides by the proper rule as well as apply some tips like the ones below;

1. Don’t drive if you have trouble staying awake

This is our number one and most important tip or we should even call it to rule of night driving;

“Don’t you ever try to drive at night if you easily fall asleep when it's late or you can’t really control your sleep at night” – Naijauto

It is highly recommended that you cancel any journey whether short or long that you are about to embark on while already feeling sleepy.

Any intelligent person should be able to imagine the type of havoc that will be created by a driver who dozes off in the middle of night traffic while pressing his/her legs down the accelerating pedal.


Dozing off while driving is devasting and never ends well so, avoid it

If your trip cannot be cancelled then, we recommend you try out the following tricks to help you get through your compulsory night road trip without dozing off. Once you start feeling a bit dizzy quickly result in any of the following to shake it off;

  • You can park the car in a safe place, get out for some fresh air and a stretch or short exercise
  • You can stop by at a coffee shop or bar to relax a bit, grab one or two non-alcoholic drinks
  • Also, you can put on some of your favourite energetic music in the car and sing along or dance with your body to shake off the dizziness. But if you are the type that loves blues or jazz, we strongly advise you ignore this option because those genres are like sleeping tablets Lol.
  • You can as well just switch off you’re A/C and roll down your windows for fresh air to come in and keep smashing your face as you drive. This will surely help smash off the dizziness as it will make you feel not so comfortable.

Also, apart from feeling sleepy or drowsy, it is illegal and punishable under the law for anyone to drive while drunk. Yes!!!

Human life is more valuable than one million bottles of beer.

No one cares if you are the type that never falls asleep while drunk, just don’t do it, please. And if you ever get caught driving at night while even drunk, be ready to face the penalties. It’s a serious offence according to the current Nigerian traffic laws.

2. Use your headlight

The headlights are perfectly meant for use at dark places and night times so, use them. It is even advisable that you should put your headlights on when its already about one hour left before dusk begins. Doing this will make it very easy for you to continually see the road even as the sun sets and it will make other drivers see you too.

Mind you, headlights are not only meant for night times, but they are also generally made for use at dark places, like tunnels or during bad cloudy weathers during the day.  

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3. While driving at night, give space

It is never advisable not just during the night but even during the day, to stay too close to vehicles near you. Always try your best to give some little space between your car and the next car in front when driving. You should also drive at lower speeds at night as it will really help you in keeping a reasonable distance from the car in front of you.

4. Be alert and keep your eyes open

When driving at night, keep your eyes open and be conscious of your surroundings. Check your mirrors constantly to be able to see other cars close to you.

Keeping your eyes open helps because as you know that in Nigeria where animals freely roam around roads sometimes as well as some trucks, tankers and other vehicles or bikes are sometimes being driven at night with no headlight. Once you notice such, just smartly avoid them by giving way for them before they even get close to you at all.

5. It’s still about the headlights

Yes, it's still this headlight “palava”.

Keeping your headlights very clean and well pointed in the proper direction is like the main key to driving safely at night.


Take proper care of your headlight by cleaning it inside and out to enable safe night driving

A dirty headlamp will become blurry at night and would make it very difficult to illuminate objects in front of you at night. Similarly, you don’t want your headlights to be pointing in the wrong direction that will confuse or distract other drivers in front of you which can easily cause accidents.


There you go!

Our last warnings;

  1. Don’t try driving at night if you don’t like it and can’t handle it or never even tried practising it.
  2. Don’t ever drive at night if you feel extremely tired and drowsy or drunk

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Oluwaseun Solomon


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