Defensive driving – Key things you should know


Every driver needs the defensive driving skill to put be ultimately safe on the road whiling protecting the lives of others. Click here to see what you must know about defensive driving!

1. What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving could be defined as pattern of driving through which conscious effort is made by the person behind the wheel towards saving people’s lives, time and effort despite provocative actions of other road users and several conditions around.

It is often claimed to be a needed skill that permits you to protect yourself from road accidents caused by drunk drivers, bad climatic conditions and terrible drivers.


defensive driving gives you the safety edge as a driver on the highway. Find where to learn the skill!

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2. Key things about defensive driving

A good driver with mastery of defensive skills knows the strategy of acting correctly at all times and also in defense. You should know that many of the accidents on the road are as a result of bad action or decisions of road users. Sometimes, it could be lack of respect or ignorance of rules and regulations pertaining to traffic.

These are what a defensive driver should be concerned with while driving. Here on are the key things you should know about defensive driving

  1. Refrain from putting your fate or safety in the hands of other drivers.
  2. Be ready in anticipation of actions that are wrong from other people using the road.
  3. Be ready to provide adequate, precise and clear signals.
  4. Always be ready to share the road with other road users.
  5. Refrain from unnecessary or risky overtaking, over-loading and over speeding.
  6. Pay attention to your area.
  7. Mind your Blindspot and avoid driving into other road users’ blind spots.

How To Drive Defensively-4 IMPORTANT Things To Do

Briefly, a smart driver with good grasp of defensive driving skill understands why it is important to react and rely on other road users’ mistakes.

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