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Travelling from Lagos to Abuja by road may be long but could be exciting as well. See all you need to know about the distance from Lagos to Abuja and other travelling tips!

I. Exact distance between Lagos and Abuja

  • Estimated distance: 456 miles, or 734 km
  • Travel time if driving non-stop: 10 hours and 21 minutes

A lot of people will be preparing to make end-of-the-year trip from one location to another, especially visiting relatives and friends during this December period. Aside safety, another thing that worries people is the distance from their starting point to their respective destinations. And we found such questions as How many miles is it from Lagos to Abuja and How many hours is the journey from Lagos to Abuja are asked frequently online. If you are travelling from Lagos to Abuja, the estimated non-stop distance is 456 miles (734 km), which put it at 10 hours, 21 minutes driving time.

However, please note that the distance from Lagos to Abuja may change depending on the exact location you start in Lagos and the specific destination you get to Abuja. The pictute below illustrates a route suggested by Google Map from Lagos to a specific place in Abuja.


Regardless of the route taken by you or your commercial driver, Lagos to Abuja trip by road is a long journey

Frankly speaking, it will be very stressful going to Abuja without any stop on the road. This is why most transport companies often make few stops for passengers to stretch their legs, use public convenience and also to buy few things, mostly food during the trip.

1. Ways to travel from Lagos to Abuja by road

In Nigeria, hardly will you see anyone who knows road than commercial drivers or even smugglers. The most possible route taken by commercial drivers from Lagos to Abuja is via these two routes:

  • Sagamu-Benin Expressway/A121 and A2 through A122 and A2
  • Expressway 1/ Lagos-Oojo Expy/E1


Getting to Abuja on time depends on well you know the roads and the type of vehicle you are driving

Many at times, the preferred route taken by drivers depends on the road condition and time of reaching the destination. Many people might prefer faster route but when the road is bad, they resort to taking the longer route.

2. How many hours from Lagos to Abuja by road?

Lagos, main city of commerce in Nigeria is located at the coordinates of 6.4531,3.3958 while Abuja is located at 9.0579,7.4951 coordinates. Since the driving distance is up to 754 kilometers, the usual travel time by car is around 10 hours and 30 minutes if driving nonstop.

However, the speed of your car will determine your driving time. If your car moves at 70 miles per hour without traffic congestions and stop, it will just take you less than 7 hours to get to Abuja from Lagos. But this is almost impossible considering the traffic on the way and you, driver sure needs some stops to rest for a while for your own safety.

3. How much is it from Lagos to Abuja by road 2019?

The prices may not be the same depending on the type of transport service you are subscribing to.

If you are going with road side buses, you save more but may not enjoy the kind of comfort you get when you book a trip with recognized transport companies such as ABC Transport, GIGM Transport, GUO transport and so on.

If you are planning on taking a trip to Abuja from Lagos, you should budget from the range of ₦4,500 to ₦10,500 to avoid any funny surprises.

Note: bus fares are often high during festive seasons.


A lot of people usually travel around December time, which makes prices of trips to be a little bit higher

4. How many hours from Lagos to Abuja by air?

If you won’t mind the cost of boarding a plane from Lagos to Abuja, the time of getting there is remarkably shorter compared to road. Same applies if you are flying private jet straight from Lagos to Abuja.

The flight distance due to earth curvature from Lagos to Abuja is 320 miles, which will take you approximately 1 hour 8 minutes to get to your destination.


If you are trying to avoid travel stress accustomed to Lagos to Abuja road trip, you can decide to go by air

Sometimes, boarding a commercial airline may take bulk of your time before you embark on the journey. You might be confronted with issues such as booking ticket, time to access the airport by road, security check and few other time consuming factors. All in all, air mode of transportation is faster.

5. How much is the Abuja flight from Lagos?

We have many commercial airlines in Nigeria and they all have their specific air fares. Also, it depends on the kind of class you are flying on. Are you travelling by economic class or business class? The time at which you book your flight could also determine the amount you will pay.

However, the most common class used by Nigerians is the economy class. It will cost you between ₦40,000 to ₦60,000 to get your flight ticket from Lagos to Abuja.

6. States between Abuja and Lagos – Places you will pass through during the trip

If you are travelling by road from Lagos to Abuja, there are few states/places you will pass through before you make your final stop. Have it at the back of your mind that some of these transport companies have their terminals in these states, which they sometimes use as occasional stops during the journey.

These states include Edo State (Benin), Ondo State (Ore) and Kogi State (Lokoja).

II. Tips to travel from Lagos to Abuja by road

1. Day/ Night buses from Lagos to Abuja

There are many transport services that offer day and night buses from Lagos to Abuja with varied range of prices for you to choose. Take a look through the list below of buses from Lagos to Abuja, their prices in 2019 and booking websites. Most of them are among the biggest transport companies in Nigeria, so you can assure about their quality.

Transport services from Lagos to Abuja & prices
 Service  Price range Booking site
 ABC Transport  ₦7,500 - ₦9,000 www.abctransport.com
GIGM Transport ₦10,500 www.gigm.com
GUO Transport ₦6,750 - ₦8,500 www.guotransport.com
Chisco Group Transport ₦8,000 - ₦8,500 chiscotransport.com.ng
Cross Country Transport ₦8,000 - ₦8,500 www.crosscountry.ng
Oya.com ₦5,550 - ₦7,550 www.oya.com.ng
Ifesinachi Transport ₦6,050 www.ifesinachitransport.com
Peace Mass Transit ₦7,000 - ₦8,500 pmt.ng
Young Shall Grow Motors ₦4,500 - ₦5,500 www.ysgtransport.ng/

2. How to book bus ticket from Lagos to Abuja online

With the aid of the Internet and advanced booking platforms, now you don't need to visit terminals to buy a ticket. All transport services offer online booking process on their website as included in the above table.

The steps to book ticket of all services are quite similar, which goes from choosing Destinations, Travel Date, Seat to Payment.

For detailed instructions with illustration pictures, please refer to our previous post on GUO online booking steps with pictures and price list.


Aside from GUO and ABC Transport, GIGM Motors is also a reputed company in the country

3. Traveling tips for Lagos to Abuja road trip

Travelling from Lagos to Abuja by road is actually a big deal, considering the distance.

Road safety is the very first thing we need to consider when embarking on a long trip. Some of the top challenges of long trip is the case of armed robbery or even motion sickness. For a safe, comfortable and exciting experience on the road, there are certain things you need to pay attention to.

  • Plan ahead, know where you are going. This involves doing a small research about what you are expected to encounter during the trip.
  • Take enough rest before the trip. Since this is a long trip, make sure you have enough night rest before the journey, whether as a driver or passenger.
  • Dress simple and comfortable. Lagos to Abuja trip is not where you will all dress up for, as if you are going for a party.
  • Avoid heavy food. Try as much as possible to eat light food and always stay hydrated.
  • As much as it might be tempting to enjoy air conditioner from beginning till the end of the trip, try as possible to enjoy fresh air as well.
  • Avoid night bus as much as possible for security purpose and most especially for your safety. The condition of roads in most part of the country isn’t encouraging for night driving.
  • Avoid travelling alone if possible for the same reason.
  • Refrain from unnecessary stopping at the middle of nowhere.
  • Find a safe spot to park your car if experiencing motion sickness. After some time, you can then resume your journey.
  • As a passenger, avoid travelling with valuables that could be forfeited to highway robbers.
  • Avoid plying lonely road at odd time. If possible, find a public park and pass the night there.


Lonely roads have always been the best spots for road thieves to carry out their operation. Beware!

III. Tips to travel from Lagos to Abuja by air

Is there train from Lagos to Abuja? The answer is no! Since the train system isn’t yet nationally effective, we assume the two probable means of travelling are by road and air. Road trip might be a bit too stress and waste your time especially if you are going on a business trip. Flight at this point seems to be the smartest idea.

1. Departure/ Arrival airports

Even though going by air will get you to your destination faster but departure time and arrival time at the airport might turn your travel time to 4 hours. This often happens if you stay far from the airport or you encounter delay at the airport while processing your trip.


Many at times, people get delayed at airport for so many reason, why might hinder their travel time

2. How to book flights from Lagos to Abuja

For those thinking of booking flight for their next trip, there are several ways you can book a flight ticket and these methods are simply straightforward. These are:

  • You can book your flight through the use of an agent. This is often recommended for those that are still new to the process of booking a flight. Hiring an agent will also rid you of avoidable stress.
  • You can also do the booking on your own. All you need at this point is an internet enabled device to carry out these processes easily right from you are. What you need to do is finding the airline you would love to patronize, filling in your information, using your card to making the payment. After this, you will have to print out the receipt and take it with you to the airport on the day you are scheduled for.
  • You can also book at airline office, especially if your location is close to where your preferred airline is. If you are booking a flight from Lagos to Abuja, you will get enough assistance from the staff on duty or attendant.


There is a certain level of comfort that comes with travelling by air despite the cost

3. Flight tips – What you can/cannot carry during your trip

On the day of your trip, there are certain guidelines you need to know before you approach the airport. These rules are sometimes on the type of luggage every passenger on the plane can travel with and what is prohibited. These are the flight tips you should know if you are travelling from Lagos to Abuja by air:

  • If you are travelling with infants, you are only allowed to take one piece of checked-in baggage for the child, which shouldn’t be more than 10kg in weight. If there is enough room in the cabin, you can take your child with 1 collapsible stroller but if not, the child has to be checked in.
  • First/business class passengers are allowed 2 pieces of carry-on baggage while those at the economy class are allowed just one.
  • Personalized motorized vehicles are prohibited on board.
  • Restricted or dangerous items such as knife, real or toy gun, metal cutlery, tradesmen tools, razor blades, nail files, syringes or hypodermic needles and scissors are not allowed on board.
  • Most airlines may permit the use of certain medical devices while onboard.


Now you can easily plan your next trip based on the distance from Lagos to Abuja without much of a hassle. Once you follow the instructions we highlighted throughout this article, going from Lagos to Abuja by road or air should be quite exciting enough for you or the entire family.

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