Do not rest your hand on the gearstick while driving!


Many drivers have already formed a habit of always putting their hands on the gearbox knob while driving a manual transmission car. Click here to see why you shouldn't do that!

There have been series of arguments over the years on whether it is safe to rest hand on the gearstick knob or not. While some do not see anything wrong with it, many are really against it. The fact that people do it could be attributed to issue of habit. It is pertinent to know that for safety measure while driving, two hands are required to be on the steering wheel. By doing this, it will be easy for you to quickly maneuver your way out of bad situation on the road. This will be difficult if you place a hand on the gearshift knob. Placing one hand on the gear knob while driving is a habit you really need to put a stop to.

Reasons not to rest hand on the gearstick

There is a gearshift knob for changing of gears in vehicles with manual transmission. This makes it easy for lots of people to rest their hands on the knob while driving, most especially during long trip or crowded road. When you are in crowded places, it is easier to change the gears. While it is comfortable for you to relax your hand on it, it is not good for your car. The truth is, you are destroying the whole transmission system in so many ways. It would also shorten the lifespan of the knob and the system.


Turning your gearbox knob to your hand resting spot would endanger the condition of the entire fear system

There is a connection between the knob and fork underneath gear knob setup. You would locate the fork in the vehicle’s transmission system. There is always a shift in the knob whenever the gear changes are made by the driver. The link actually ensures smooth process in the gear system.

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How resting hand on the gearstick damage your car

Whenever you rest your hand on the gearstick knob, a large force usually comes into play, which is powerful enough to damage or break the components of the gearbox. This is as a result of the metal or plastic shafts, which could break early or any point in time. Although, the metal shafts last longer than the plastic but it is not wise to put it at such unnecessary risk.


Resist the temptation and put your hand back on the steering wheel for safe driving

Sturdy material is often used by manufacturers when creating the shift forks. Normally, these shift forks deal with normal forces applied in changing gears easily, but such would not be realized when you expose it to large force while resting your hand on it. It could also produce large impact leading to tear and wear on the gearbox knob. So, it is important you put your hand back on the steering wheel every time you change the gear.

Stay safe!

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