Dos and Donts when using a baby car seat


A baby car seat takes care of your precious infant while you are driving. However proper use is important if you are going to get the safety benefits. Check how you can use it correctly here!

As a parent with kid(s), one of the first safety devices that you will be needing for your car is the ‘Infant Car-Seat’.  Infant car seats keep a child safe during a drive, and especially in an emergency such as in a road accident. If you are lucky to have it as part of your car safety items provided; then it's a good thing. Purchasing one even without this provision is also a good thing. It has been noticed that many parents make mistakes when installing and using the infant car seat. This can pose some danger to the child. Like most things, there are right ways and wrong ways to utilize a car seat.

When you are done reading tips on how to use baby car seat provided here by, you should be able to judge if you are using this car device the right way or not.

1. Do: Checking out the device

When you are been provided with or you bought this device, the first recommended thing to do is to check it out thoroughly. Don't assume it is in good condition; it might be damaged or even expired! Yes, It is made of plastic and plastic is capable of expiring too. This also specifically applies to when purchasing a used one. A detailed examination will clear all doubts and assure certainty that no knots are missing. Without clarifying little things like this, a simple car bump can cause your child to fall off. We don't want this to happen.


Getting your baby car seat working properly is an Art and a Science 

2. Do: Positioning the infant seat

The best place you would want to put your child’s car seat is in the back seat, preferably in the middle, if there is extra space in the car. Using the back seat is because of the danger from the airbag in the front seat. A situation where the airbag activates could harm your child’s head. Most times when the airbag in the front seat inflates it could hit the back of the seat facing the dashboard. This is where your child’s head is positioned if seated in front. A situation like that can cause serious brain trauma to the child. In a case where you have no option than to use the front seat, it's best you deactivate the airbag sited around that seat.


There is a right position for baby car seats, in the middle if you have the space

3. Don't: Never forward-face it

When you are installing your child’s car seat in the rear seat, don't forward face it, or position it facing the drivers or front passenger seat. Instead, let it face the rear seat. Why is this important? Positioning the child's car seat in that position helps protect their spine and head. Moreover some cars come with rear airbags, this could also affect the child when it inflates on impact. Do ensure you also deactivate the rear seat airbags too if you have any.


Forward facing is not the right way to position a kid car seat for an infant, big kids from age 2 can manage it 

4. Do: Fastening the buckles properly

Just like you are expected to scrutinize the device, you are also better off reading the manual of operation. Each device is different;  just because you know how the old one you were using works does not mean the new one will function the same way. Read the instructions first and use the required measurements for tightening the seat to prevent movements. In as much as you are fastening the buckles, you should leave 1 inch (2.5 centimeters or as the manual instructs) space for a little movement so you do not to choke the child. 

Consult a baby car seat instruction manual if you need to

Consult a baby car seat instruction manual if you need to 

5. Don’t: Keep toys close

We know how much babies love toys, especially dangling ones. Even if they love to watch it swing around, it should not be placed on the infant car seat’s carrier handle. When there is a crash or an unexpected bump, that item may swing away and could even hit the child on the face, causing injuries.


Dangling toys are sometimes made of hard plastic and can hurt a child

6. Don’t: Leave heavy child’s clothing around

 Before buckling your child car seat, remove heavy clothing or blankets in the seat. When you have fastened the straps, you can then put the blanket on. How important is this? If you use the blanket before fastening the strap, it will prevent the seat from being safely tightened and leave unwarranted space. The child can shift into this space in an awkward position when there is a bounce. Moreover, heavy clothing can prevent the child from breathing when positioned wrongly.

How to fit a forward-facing car seat with a seatbelt

7. Don’t: Leave your child behind

This is extremely important; DO NOT leave your child in the car while you're out, even if only for a minute. You may conclude the child is safe because the tot is buckled in, in the child's car seat, but nothing is further from the truth. There have been several reported cases of child suffocation in cars when left alone, even in car seats. Where you go, the little one goes also, period.

It’s really simple; follow this guide for a wonderful driving experience with your child.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor