Driving a long distance? These tips will make it safe and fun


Are you excited about embarking on that long distance trip? It will be even more fun when you are fully prepared. Get all the tips you need to have a blast!

Driving to work or your business is a routine. You do it so often it has become a bore. The fun part comes when you have to embark on along distance trip.

Long distance trips do not happen everyday. This rarity makes such trips exciting. Perhaps you are traveling to another state to see a loved one, or just going on a picnic to cool off from the stress of city life, it is important that you are well prepared for the journey.

Many people get excited, and forget to plan. Remember, he who fails to plan, plans to fail. Read along to get a heads-up by Naijacarnews.com.

6 Safety driving tips for long distance trips

1. Sleep well the previous night

There is the natural tendency for you to get excited about your trip even before the day arrives. This excitement could take away sleep, making your eyes very bright at night. You can either shake it off or indulge it. The latter is not advisable.


Sound sleep keeps you refreshed

Staying awake daydreaming about your trip will have a negative effect when you eventually begin the trip the next morning. You cannot cheat nature. The sleep you did not have the previous night will come, and since you will be driving, it will not be convenient. Closing your eyes for just a second on the steering wheels could cause a crash, and you might not live to tell the story.

Try to keep your excitement in check. Once it is bed time, go to bed. Besides, your trip is just a few hours away. You will have all day to savor your excitement.

2. Plan your routes ahead of time

How well do you know the road to your destination? Since it is a long distance trip, there is the Chance that you are not so conversant with the road. Do not brush this off on the notion that, when you get to the bridge, you will cross it. You might spend several hours lost on that bridge before crossing it. If you need any clarifications, get it before the D-day. Do you know anyone who is conversant with the road? Feel free to ask them questions.

Even if you are a pro in that route, you should consider getting a GPS unit. There is the possibility for you to take a wrong turn and find yourself in an unfamiliar area. A GPS unit will help you retrace your steps easily.

Driving through areas with fun attractions is more exciting than driving through lonely and quiet areas.  The former will add to the fun you desire on your journey, and give you stories to talk about.

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3. Eat before hitting the road

Food might be the last thing on your mind. The one thing occupying your mind is your trip. You just cannot wait to head out. That excitement can only resist hunger for so long. Soon, your body will begin to remind you that it has not been re-energized with food. Fatigue will set in, and your journey will become uninteresting.

Ensure that you eat well before entering your car. The food you just ate may not be enough to sustain you throughout the journey as the distance is far. Carry some backup food. You might begin to feel hungry again in an area where no one is selling anything edible. You can easily reach for your backup food and help yourself.  Carry several bottles of water too. You might get thirsty; being dehydrated is going to make you restless.

4. Say no to distractions while driving

A great number of road crashes in the country are caused by distractions on the steering wheel. Your attention goes away for a second, and the deed is done.

In today’s digital age, everyone has a mobile phone. You have one yourself, don’t you? You might have the good intention of keeping it away as you drive, but the temptation to make use of it can be hard to resist. In that case, it is better to find a less risky way to use it.


Keep your eyes on the road to see oncoming vehicles

Invest in gadgets that will enable you make use of your mobile phone while driving. With a Bluetooth headset for example, you can take calls without taking your eyes off the road. However, it is still wise to minimize those calls as much as you can.

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5. Stop to rest at intervals

Driving on a long distance journey can be stressful. Your body needs some rest. Do not deny it the rest just because you want to get to your destination as soon as possible. Over pushing your self could have serious consequences.

Listen to your body. If you feel tired, park in a safe area, and rest. Are you feeling sleepy? Park in a safe area, lock your doors and get some sleep. Your long distance trip is more enjoyable when you are not worn out.

6. Listen to good music

If you are driving alone, boredom might begin to creep in after a while. When you are bored, you might start feeling sleepy. Keep your car lively with some good music. Ensure that you take CDs of your favorite songs along with you. You do not need a crowd to have a party. What you need is good music. Slid your CDs into the entertainment system and enjoy your one-man groove.

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