How does a speed limiting device work?


How does a speed limiting device work? This article is focused on how a speed limiting device works and also, it will answer the bulk of your questions as regards the device.

Sometimes referred to as the speed governor, a Speed Limiting Device is an electronic device installed in a vehicle, with the sole purpose of ensuring the vehicle maintains a speed limit according to the regulations of Nigeria.

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1. How does speed limiting device work?

Basically, the device is for safety. It does not give the driver enough room to accelerate beyond the specified speed limit, as stated by law, and as programmed in the vehicle as well. So, no matter how often the driver uses his accelerator, the pre-set speed limit will not be exceeded.

When installed, a series of sensors detect how fast you're going, then communicate that information to the engine's computer, which manages nearly all the engine's functions. Once you reach a pre-determined top speed, the computer steps in and restricts the flow of air and fuel to the engine and even the sparks that cause combustion.

Either way, you'll be unable to exceed the top speed as determined by the car's manufacturer.

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2. Types of speeding devices

There are two major types of speed limiting devices:

  • Mechanical Speed Limiting Device
  • Electrical/Electronic Speed Limiting Device

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3. FAQ about speed limiting devices

Question 1: Who services or repairs the speed limiting device in the event of service failure?

If your device is malfunctioning, inform an accredited installer, do not tamper with it. The approved marketers carry out periodic servicing/re-calibration of the device. They do this based on the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) specification. 

Question 2: Are there special technicians assigned to install Speed Limiting Devices?

The accredited marketers are in charge of installing speed limit devices. Their agents are trained and certified specifically for that task.

Question 3: How much does the device cost?

Generally, the price depends on the vendors, but your budget should be nothing less than N35,000 (excluding installation fee).


This electronic speed limit device won't cost you more than N40,000

Question 4: What should I do if I already have a device installed in my car?

If you already have the device installed in your vehicle or it has been installed before enforcement kicked off, you need to visit an accredited vendor. The vendor will delegate one of his technician(s) to inspect and recalibrate the device, so it can meet the necessary standard.

Question 5: How can I reach an accredited marketer of a Speed Limiting Device?

The approved marketers are certified by the major technical committee members which include Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), National Automotive Design & Development Council (NADDC) and Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC). You can find the accredited vendors on FRSC website.

Question 6: Is there a shortcode I can use to confirm the installation of the Speed Limiter in my vehicle?

Text confirmsld plate number to 33811. (E.g. confirmsld ABJ123XP to 33811)

Question 7: How can I be sure that the device functions properly after installation?

To verify the functionality of the device, enter your vehicle’s plate number details on the column provided on the FRSC portal.

Question 8: In the case of emergency, can I increase the limit in order to prevent danger at any point?

There’s a pre-set speed limit and the device will not allow a driver to go beyond the pre-set speed limit. The driver is expected to apply a defensive driving technique in cases like that.

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Oluwatobi Ogunrinde