How to book ticket with Ekesons Transport both online and at terminals


E.Ekesons & Bros Nig. Limited is a company that offers bus transportation services in line with international standards for road transportation. Check how to book their tickets & read our review below!

Overview of Ekesons Transport

E.Ekesons & Bros Nig. Limited is a company that offers bus transport services in line with international standards for road transportation. Their services are designed to suit the needs of distinguished travelers who would otherwise use air transport services. Despite not being listed in top 10 biggest transport companies in Nigeria, Ekesons Transport is one of the leading transport systems in the country. Although they have committed full-blown operations in other countries, their headquarters is located in Nigeria.

Ekesons Transport started as a small transport company. Since its inception since the 1980s, the company has spread widely across to every part of the nation. Their customer base has increased, and so as their output and sales. Hundreds of jobs have been provided by the company as it keeps striving to make an even bigger name in Nigeria.

Who owns Ekesons Transport?

According to Naijacarnews research, Ekesons Transport is owned by Chief Eugene Eke Nzom Ojukwu, a promising industrialist who started out small but now owns an admirable number of companies fueled with the motive creating job opportunities and taking road transportation to another level. The number of fleets owned by Ekesons is yet unknown as the company is still expanding across Africa and more vehicles afre being acquired.


Ekesons Transport is owned by Chief Eugene Eke Nzom Ojukwu

Ekesons Transport Services

  • Hospitality Services:

Ekesons Transport offers hospitality services for customers. If you are in need of a hotel or a suit to lodge in while on a trip,  you can contact them to make hotel reservations based on your stipulated budget.

  • Haulage services:

This is one of Ekesons’ exclusive services. You can contact them if you have a need for haulage services for whatever reason. You can also contact them if you need to charter a bus for any occasion.

  • Transport Courier Services:

Ekesons’ Transport Courier Services allows you to deliver goods and services to anyone at any corner of the nation.


Ekeson Transport offers both Transport and Courier Services

Ekesons Transport offers & discounts

Customers are only eligible for special offers and discounts when they book ahead of time for their trips. Discounts are usually activated during these cases.

How to book a ticket of Ekesons Transport

When trying to book a ticket,  there are two ways to go about it. You can either book online, which is a very easy way to go about it, or go to the nearest terminal for your ticket.

To book your ticket at a terminal, walk down to the nearest terminal, meet the sales representative person, check the price tag for your destination, then hand over the cash equivalent to the sales rep and collect your receipt. It is advisable for you to book before your departure time.

To book your ticket online:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Log on to
  3. Click on “Online Booking” at the middle top of the page.

(The Round trip option is still being worked on, only one-way trips are available and so it is automatically selected.)

  1. Select your Location,  your destination and intended departure date.
  2. Click Continue. (If there are no more available trips for that date,  then you will see no result. You will have to change your departure date)
  3. Available trips will pop-up showing available facilities,  departure time and the price tag for the trip. Click on “Book This Trip”
  4. Select any seat you want from available seats shown on the seat map. Seats that are free are colored blue while the others are either occupied or already reserved. You can select more than one seat,  that is you can place an order for more than one or two persons
  5. Fill in your name, age and phone number on the next page.
  6. Click on “Add+”
  7. Lastly, fill in your Booking Details and click on “Proceed to make Payment”.

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Website of Ekesons Transport where you can book tickets

Ekesons Transport Terminals in Lagos, Abuja & other states

  • Ekesons Transport Terminals in Lagos




Iddo Office Nigeria Railway terminal Yard, Iddo
Okota Terminal Teleolukoya Shopping Complex,  121, Okota Road,  opposite UBA PLC,  Okota
Trade Fair Terminal Zone A,  Block 10, Shop 21 Aspamda Plaza,  Trade Fair Complex
Ikotun Terminal A step Plus Plaza,  3,  Idimu Ikotun Road,  Ikotun, Opp Conoil Filling Station Ikotun
Maza Maza 27, Old Ojo Road,  Lagos- Badagry Exp. Way Lagos
Ikeja Terminal 11 Olayeni street off Medical Road Ikeja Computer village Lagos
Iba Iyana school B/stop, LASU Isheri Road, Unity Estate, Iba
Oyingbo 12, Apapa Road Oyingbo, Lagos
  • Ekesons Transport Terminals in Abuja




UTAKO ABUJA EPS Courier Centre,  Ekesons Premises by Berger Junction Utako District,  Abuja
MAITAMA ABUJA  Corporate Affairs Commission, 1403, Aguiyi Ironsi Street Off Trigris Crescent,  Maitama Abuja
KUBWA Mercy Plaza,  Phase 4,  By Chick en and Side, Kubwa, Abuja
ZONE 5 Suite 19,  Nandu Plaza Ndola Crescent,  Wuse Zone 5,  Abuja
  • Other terminals of Ekesons Transport





12 Milverton Street,  Aba


Rich & Richy Plaza,  Opp Agofure Pack By Koka Junction,  Ibuso Road,  Asaba


No. 48 Airport Road (ABUMA BUILDING) Opp. Omegatron/Mall of America,  Benin City


76,  Ndidem Usang Iso Rd,  Calabar


164,  Ogui Road, Enugu


42,  MKO Abiola Road,  Ring Road Chemist Bustop Damien Plaza


41, Rwan Pam Street,   JOS


1,  Constitution Road,  by Stadium R/About


Suite J11, Opp Akintola Williams


118, Kasuwa Gwari Road


E.Ekesons Park,  Upper Iweka


8,  Mbaise Road, Owerri 
23, Onitsha Road, Near Rochas Okorochas Foundation


159 Aba Road,  by Waterline Bus Stop Port- Harcourt


123 Abak Street,  Uyo,  Akwa Ibom


1, WaterResources Road,  Warri


Ekesons Park Nkwo,  Nnewi

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Contact Details of Ekesons Transport

Address: 31,  Ikorodu Road,  Jibowu,  Yaba,  Lagos,  Nigeria

Phone: +(234) 09099900911





User reviews of Ekesons Transport

Most reviews express positive attitude towards services of Ekesons Transport. You can read below the two most typical feedback from Ekesons' passengers:

 “Ekeson has been in the transport business for a long time. You can believe with this experience comes professionalism. The last time I went to send a parcel,  I was scared. But they calmed me my parcel was safe and would be delivered with speed. Which they did….”

“Really impressed and I love the bus I entered…” 

Alternatives for Ekesons Transport

There are a number of suitable alternatives in terms of Luxury bus transport system you could easily make a choice from, that offer similar and maybe better service quality compared with Ekesons Transport.. You could  look at transport forms like GIGM,  Peace Mass Transit,  Chisco,  Cross Country,  and others. 

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