How to choose the best car security system


Car security is paramount especially with the high rate of car crimes in the country. Check out effective ways to choose the best car security systems!

Imagine stepping out of the building, heading to where you parked your car, and not finding it there. The first thought to cross your mind is that you are in the wrong place. You must have missed where you parked your car. You try to think of the actual place, but no place comes to mind because none exists. You parked your car right where you are standing. It takes a moment before you come to terms with what has happened. Your car has been stolen.

Unfortunately, a number of Nigerians have fallen victim to the above scenario, losing their vehicles to criminals. Car theft is common in the country. Instead of thinking that it can never happen to you, it is prudent that you take measures to prevent it.

1. How does car security work?

Car security systems are digitally-enhanced tools specially created to prevent unauthorized entry into cars, and scare away intruders as they get close.

Several systems available on the market work in different ways. As you step out of your car, you simply activate a button that automatically locks the doors. In a situation where you did not shut the door properly, the system draws your attention to it via an audio alarm system.


You drive happily knowing that you are safe in your car

2. Functions of car security systems

Competition among automakers extends to the types of car security systems they create. They strive to offer their customers the best system in order to have a competitive advantage. However, besides a few differences, these car security systems have similar functions.

2.1. Remote start

With the remote start, you do not necessarily have to be in your car and turn on the ignition before your car starts. You can be outside, at a close range, and make your engine come alive. This is a very useful feature if you find yourself in a situation where you are in a hurry to leave the scene. You may not have the few minutes needed to insert your keys in the ignition to put it on. You zoom off immediately before whoever you are running away from gets to you.

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2.2. Car finder

The car finder helps you to locate your car without having to search for it endlessly. If for any reason you cannot figure out where your car is, you simply press a button that will trigger an alarm in your car. By following the direction of the alarm, you will be able to locate your car.

2.3. Trunk opener

You do not have to manually open your trunk any more. From a reasonable distance, you can use a button to do that. This automatic opening also applies to your car doors. By the push of a button, your doors will swing open for you. Your windows can also be rolled up and down in the same way.


You can open and lock your car from a distance

2.4. Temperature control

The temperature of your car has to be conducive for your own good as well as the good of your car engine. An overheated car can suffocate little kids, and also set the car on fire. This security system regulates your car temperature automatically, keeping the atmosphere comfortable for occupants.

3. Factors to consider in choosing the best car security system

Naijacarnews has compiled a list of factors to consider in choosing the perfect car security system.

3.1. Price

The system has to be pocket friendly; otherwise, you will be left with little or no money after making the purchase. You should not look out for the cheapest system but one with a reasonable price. Ensure that the features are suitable for the price.

3.2. Operation distance

Some car security systems allow you to make controls in shorter distances compared to others. The longer the control distance, the better. If you have to be so close to your car to utilize the functions, you will experience some limitations.

3.3. Remote control weight

You do not want to be carrying a heavy remote control around. The lighter the remote control, the better. It is easier to handle a portable device than one that is big. It is best when people do not know that you are holding a car security system.


There is no hiding place for your car with the car finder

3.4. Battery

There is no point having a device with a battery that does not last long; you might not be able to make use of the system when you need it. Look out for one that is rechargeable. That way, you can always have it recharged.

3.5. Sensors

How effective is the system is detecting the presence of intruders? To ward off intruders, the sensors of the system have to be able to detect the lightest touch. The alarm should come on the minute someone attempts to come close.

3.6. Warranty

The longer the warranty, the better. You do not want to be stuck with a system that underperforms. If the manufacturer is confident about the quality of their product, they should be willing to give users a longer warranty.

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