How to generate GIFMIS Remita code for FRSC


The GIFMIS Remita code is important because it relates payment details to the government Treasury Single Account; check out steps to generate code for payment.

You might be confused with various ways to pay with GIFMIS code on Remita platform, so brings it here detailed guidelines on different ways you can make payment, both online or offline and how to generate GIFMIS Remita code for FRSC before doing that.

What is GIFMIS code & MDA number?

The Treasury Single Account (TSA) of the Federal Government of Nigeria has employed the use of a few other necessary platforms to allow individuals pay money to the integrated accounts. The Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) is the primary tool for the TSA accounting and reports. The GIFMIS handles financial records, accounting for projects expenditure, payment received and payable, asset management, inventory control, and budget execution in Nigeria. 

GIFMIS utilizes Revenue Retrieval Number (RRN) to identify Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) in the government accounts. Whenever payment is made to any of the MDA's, it gets deposited straight into the TSA and recorded by GIFMIS under the MDA's details. This system was introduced to maintain transparency and accountability of the MDAs and the government.


Using a third-party platform for payment ensures the transparency of the MDAs

Remita online payment platform is another innovation that connects payments to the TSA through the GIFMIS. It is the accredited platform that the government has employed to encourage its cashless system policy to curb corrupt practices in the MDA's. It is important to note that Remita also accommodates the private user transactions for business purposes, since it is not dedicated for government payments alone.

A payment code known as Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) needs to be generated for each payment to the GIFMIS. This code is important as it relates the payment purpose and details to the integrated IT system of the government. It is necessary to learn how to generate the RRR code incase you need to make important payments to the government.

How to generate GIFMIS Remita code for FRSC

We can learn how to generate the GIFMIS Remita code with the steps below;

1. Visit the Remita website by typing on any good internet browser using your smartphone or a computer device.

2. On the Remita home page, you should see the search field with Who do you want to pay? located near the top of the page. This is where you can search for the name of the MDA or biller you want to make payments to.

Another way which you could find your biller or MDA is to click the Pay a Biller logo amongst others displayed on the home page. A new page asking Who do you want to pay? will be displayed; type in the name and click the send or enter button. You can take this step if you could not find the search field on your browser.

3. A dedicated page for details of the payment will be displayed; so you should go ahead and fill out the form.


Sections to fill out for Remita GIFMIS code

The sections available includes;

  1. Name of Service/Purpose: This section requires you to choose from a list of registered services related to the MDA or biller you want to make payments to. Simply choose which service you intend to pay for.
  2. State, or Unit and Sector: This column varies with respect to the biller or MDA you have selected. The ’State’ may appear for Ministries, while ’Unit and Sector’ may appear for Departments and Agencies. You should select the option from the drop-down list available.
  3. Description: This section is requesting more information on the payment purpose which you want to generate the RRR code for. You should type in a clear reason for making that payment.
  4. Other fields: This can be a list of detail field related to the MDA or biller; it could include vehicle information for FRSC, or business CAC information for Tax payment and many others.
  5. GIFMIS Code: This section requires you to obtain the RRN code from the MDA which you want to make payments to; the FRSC has a pdf document of these code for different units and states published on their website. Although skipping this section does not prevent the process, it is better to have it filled in.
  6. Select Currency: Choose the currency which you want to pay with. This option show that payment could be made to GIFMIS from anywhere in the world.
  7. Payer’s Name
  8. Payer’s Phone Number
  9. Payer’s Email
  10. Confirm Email
  11. ’How do you want to pay?’: This section requires you to choose a payment option form the drop-down list which includes; bank branch, internet banking, card, PAGA/ Pocketmoni.

4. Tick the box saying 'I’m not a Robot”.

5. Click on the Submit button after all the fields have been filled in appropriately.

The Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) code for that payment will be generated instantly, and you can take save it for payment over the counter at any bank. The platform will redirect you to an online card payment page if you have chosen the card option.

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How to pay with the card option on Remita

With the above information, you seemed to be equipped with all you need to generate the GIFMIS Remita code for payments; but we will proceed to showing you how to pay with the card option. Follow these steps to complete your GIFMIS payment using your ATM card;

Considering that you have chosen the card option in the "How do you want to pay?" section, a form will be displayed with these following fields;

  • Card holder’s name: Fill in your full name here as recognized by your bank.
  • Card number: Fill in the long number on the front of your card.
  • Expiry date: This information is below the card number in the front part of your card.
  • CVV number: This is the three-digit number at the back of your card.
  • Tick the ’I'm not a Robot’ box
  • Click Submit

This action will redirect you to the MasterCard authentication site where you have to provide passwords from a token. Different banks use any of these options; one-time password (OTP), hardware token or secure pass.


Make sure you type in accurate numbers when making online payment!


The hardware token is a small authentication device given to you by your bank and linked to your account to keep transactions secure.

The one-time password is a code sent to your mobile phone linked to your bank account; it expires after use or after five minutes of not being used.

  • Click the link for one-time password and notice the SMS sent to your mobile phone with a code which you have to type in the next page that loads up. Your payment is authenticated.

Your receipt will be sent to you via email with the information of payment including the GIFMIS Remita code or RRR.

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How to make payments at the bank for Remita

After entering the information of the type of Remita payment above, and you choose to make payment using cash at the bank, you can follow the steps below to complete payment.


  • Choose the Bank payment option from the ’How do you want to pay’ panel.
  • Remote will immediately generate and display the RRR code for the payment.
  • Save this code or copy it out on paper.
  • Visit the bank where you want to make payment, and present the code at the teller.
  • The payment will be made to the GIFMIS; an e-receipt will be printed out for you to keep as your proof of payment.

This process is quite straight forward, but you may face challenges with the long queues at the bank.

How to pay with online banking for Remita

If you don't want to visit the bank, you can just sit at home and make payment online, following these steps:

  • When you have saved the RRR code generated from the Remita webpage, you have to log into your mobile banking app.
  • Choose Remita from the ’make payments’ menu options.
  • Fill in the provided tabs and enter the RRR code which you saved
  • Complete the payment process and get the message saying ’payment successful’.

You should get an email notification of a successful payment by Remita.

Learn to always use the cashless solutions which these since they have proven to improve transparency in transactions with the government. Also do well to share the information in this article with your family and friends.

Visual illustrations on how to make payment for FRSC using Remita

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