How to get tinted glass permit from Nigerian police


With tinted glass cars trending nowadays, you might have purchased one or might be thinking of tinting the ones fitted to your car. If that is the case, we dropped some notes for you here.

With tinted glass cars trending nowadays, you might have purchased one or might be thinking of tinting the ones fitted to your car. If that is the case, we dropped some notes for you here.

It has been on the news for some time now that tinted glass cars are used to carry out and cover up crimes in our society today. Why? These crime perpetrators choose it obviously because while they can view the people outside from the car, people outside cannot view them inside the car or tell what is going on inside the car.

For this reason, the agency in charge of the regulation of the use of tinted cars in Nigeria, which is the Nigerian Policy Force, has made it mandatory for those car owners to get tinted glass permits from them in their own state of residence.

You should note that the failure to adhere to this rule might lead to the police pulling your car over especially along the high ways, which may be embarrassing on your own part.

With this in mind, Naijacarnews will give you an overview of what the tinted glass permit is and steps to take to get one.

1. What is tinted glass permit?

The tinted glass permit is like an official license issued by the Nigerian Police Force to a person who owns a car with tinted glasses. This license empowers the car owner to drive the car legally. Hence, without it, the use of tinted glass car is considered an illegal action.


The tinted glass certificate enables you to drive your car without legal issues from law authority agencies

2. Nigerian law about tinted glass cars

The law that binds the use of tinted glassed cars in Nigeria is called ‘The Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Tinted Glass) Act. The Section 1 of the Act states thus,

“Except with the permission of the appropriate authority designated for the purpose of this Act, and for such good cause as may be determined from time to time by the appropriate authority, no person shall cause any glass fitted on a motor vehicle to be tinted; or shaded; or coloured lightly or thickly; or darkened; or treated in any other way, so that the person or objects in the motor vehicle are rendered obscure or invisible”.

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3. How to obtain the tinted glass permit in Nigeria

You should take the following easy steps to get tinted glass permit in Nigeria:

  1. Visit the Nigerian Police tinted permit official website at and fill out the application form to receive an Application ID.
  2. Login with the email you used in registering and the Application ID you generated.
  3. The next step is to complete the biometric form online and enter the full details of the car for which you are obtaining the tinted glass permit.
  4. When you are done with filling the form, get it printed out and then proceed with it to any police command to capture your biometric and collect your tinted permit certificate.


You can apply for a permit online and proceed to the nearest station to have it printed out and signed

4. Why do people opt for tinted glass vehicles?

There are a couple of benefits that have been attached to the use of cars with tinted glasses.

  • Shattered glass protection:

Normally when a strong object like stone or even bullet hits a car’s glass, it is expected to break and shatter but in the case of a glass with window film, the glass does not easily shatter.

  • Privacy and security:

This is perhaps the most common reason people know. The glass tinting provides some level of privacy to the occupants of the car and if there is a valuable in the car, it protects it from the prying eyes of people.

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  • Blocks UV rays:

UV rays is not good for the skin and can cause ageing of the skin and other skin related conditions. Tinting the glass can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays.

  • Reduces fade:

H​arsh sunlight can accelerate the fading of your car’s interior décor but with tinted glasses, the interiors can be protected from cracking and fading thus keeping the car new.


Tinted glass has its benefits but it's imperative you stick with state laws as regards its use

You should note that there is no official charge attached to the issuing of the tinted glass permit. Unless, of course you are going through an agent, then you may have to pay some certain amount of money, ranging from #10,000 upwards.

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