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Your key fob is the main tool for accessing your vehicle from the outside. You don't need to insert the key in the port on the door handle when you can simply have the car door unlocked with the push of a button. However, there are times when your old key fob might get damaged and you will have to get a new one.

How do you program it to work as it should? If you even want it to send a different command or multiple commands asides what it usually would in its default setting, what will you do? This key fob programming is done for you to have more innovative methods of gaining access to your car and its features. The process isn't difficult as it only takes a few minutes to configure. It is advisable that you reprogram your key fob with a professional who knows how car locks work or even a specialist in the kind of car you drive, but you can also get it done by yourself. Before we delve into how to reprogram your key fob, let's give you a brief break down of how the key fob works.

Key fobs are made for drivers to have easy access to the car. For it to be efficient, it has to send and receive the right radio wave signals. These wave signals are what the key fob uses to interact with locks of your vehicle for the door and trunk to open or close. Asides the key fobs, there are sensors and memory chips installed in the car that ensures every command sent or received is obeyed.

For instance, a code of instruction is received by your car when you push a button on the key fob. This code is what the car interprets as opening the trunk, locking the truck, opening the doors or locking them up. A new code of instruction is generated every time you push the button on the key fob. So here is how you can reprogram the key fob, suggested by!

1. Get into the car and insert the key into the ignition

It is usually difficult to reprogram your key fob from outside of the car. Perhaps it is that way to prevent thieves from randomly programming just any key fob to gain entry to people's cars.


Press "Lock" on the key fob between each time you turn your car key on and off

So get into the vehicle and sit on the driver's seat. Then insert the key into the ignition and turn it once. You should already know that turning the key to fill 90 degrees turns on the engine. Therefore, turn the key once to about 45 degrees but ensure it doesn't start the engine. Press the lock button on the key fob once, then turn off the ignition.

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2. Enter the programming mode

When you do this, try it again 3 more times. Keep in mind that this process should not take up to 9 seconds for every attempt. At the 4th time, the key fob would have entered the "on" state. This shows that your key fob system is fully active. You will also hear a "click" sound if you follow these steps listed, promptly. This "click or lock" sound is a sign that you have entered the programming mode of the key fob, successfully. This will now give you direct access to reprogram the key fob without any hassle.

In less than 6 seconds after hearing the "lock" sound, push the lock button on the key fob again. There are some cars that allow you to have a 10 seconds interval, but to avoid extra processes, 5 - 7 seconds is ideal. Once you have pressed the lock button within that time frame, you will hear another click or lock sound on the doors. This is a sign that the key fob has been successfully reprogrammed. Then you can turn off the ignition and take off your key fob. When out of the car, you can try locking and unlocking it to be certain that the reprogramming process was really successful.


Repeat the process of turning on and off the ignition 3 more times

That said, it's important to note that there are various reasons your reprogramming process can be unsuccessful. Key fobs work with a battery that ensures they are on at all times. If these batteries die, the process won't work. You can have the battery checked and replaced before you try to reprogram the fun again. Furthermore, various cars also come with their own unique ways of programming. There are those that just involves you placing in the ignition and the sensors read the codes sent. Others have their own unique methodologies. So if you follow our steps on how to reprogram your key fob and it doesn't work, you can refer to your car user manual or visit a professional who understands how your car works to get it done.

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