Ibadan to Abuja by road: Routes, services and what to prepare


A trip from Ibadan to Abuja can be real fun but also challenging too! But worry no more if you cling onto our advice for Ibadan to Abuja by road. Check below for details!

Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo state, located to the south-west of Nigeria is not only famous for being one of the largest cities in West Africa but people love the city for it is here that accommodates a great spot to visit - The Agodi Gardens and Park. While located in the Northern part of Nigeria, Abuja - the capital of Nigeria is home to a plethora of appealing spots, Abuja National Mosque, Nike Art Gallery, and Anglican Church of Nigeria to name some.


Agodi gardens and park is one place you will enjoy visiting when in Ibadan

If you are a resident in one of those two cities above, let us congratulate you on living in one of the most beautiful pieces of land in Nigeria. And if you are planning to discover the other beautiful part, here's in this article, Naijacarnews provide you with Guidelines for Road travel from Ibadan to Abuja, so no worry.

The journey from Ibadan to Abuja could be a very tedious one considering inter-city traffic, bad roads, and frequent roadblocks from accidents by over-speeding drivers and police checkpoints. There are many other things that have to put into consideration before going on the trip from Ibadan to Abuja. Just read on to learn now!


The Ibadan to Abuja route contains challenges and nuisance

Ibadan to Abuja by road: Map directions & duration

As can be seen from the map below, the shortest route to take for Ibadan to Abuja is the Okene-Abaji route which takes approximately 9 hours and 21 minutes with public transport and around 8.5 hours with personal car. The other route takes just over 11 hours to complete and runs through Illorin via Minna and into Abuja.

Things to consider when choosing a bus from Ibadan to Abuja

Before deciding on any transport line from Ibadan to Abuja, think of some criteria below. They will help you to narrow down the options, leaving the most suitable choice.

1. Funds

Transport fare varies for transport companies. You have to have a budgeted amount of money for the trip and this would determine what transport company among the top 10 best transport companies in Nigeria or car park you would be choosing a bus from.

2. Location of Terminal

Whichever transport company you choose to use has to have a terminal close to you. You do not want to have to haul your load halfway across town before your journey.

3. Route

There is a main route that drivers take from Ibadan to Abuja. The route cuts across Ife, Igede, Oye Kabba, Lokoja, Gwagwalada before running into Abuja.(map of the route can be seen below) There are other back routes that could be taken and it is very important to find out which company plies your preferable route or if you are comfortable with the route being taken.

4. Time

Your intended time to get to your destination also matters. This would determine what bus you will be leaving with as buses have different departure times. It would determine if you are going with a day bus or night bus.

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The main route from Ibadan to Abuja by road is over 550km long

What to pack for road trip from Ibadan to Abuja

As the trip lasts for an entire day or night, pack carefully and selectively. There are differences if you travel with all adults or with kids, make sure you have a checklist of essential stuff for them.

1. Pack light. Do not carry unnecessary items. Select the things you need the most to be put into your bag. If you’ve got a lot of luggage, you might be forced to send the rest via courier.

2. If you’re traveling with kids, pack up their snacks, games and favorite toys to keep them in place during the journey. As a parent, not having these vitals on such a long trip, translates to a whole lot of disturbances from your kids as they are innately restless and love to move around.

3. Have a small carry-on bag to put all your essentials into. Also, put in anything you know you will need during the journey. It would be very inconvenient to have to open up your box every time you need something. This carry-on bag should be kept very close to you, under the chair or beside you.

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What to eat during Ibadan-Abuja road trip

It is very important to eat very light and dry. The best advice is that you avoid eating, but the duration of the journey is too long to consider doing that.

Do not be tempted by the oily foods on the roadside as they could get your stomach troubled in a very short period of time. It is much safe to prepare your food from home for the journey or purchase only dried foods on the road.


Avoid oily street food like this or you will regret soon

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Buses from Ibadan to Abuja by road & their ticket prices

1. ABC Transport

Address: Nigeria Breweries Plc, New Ife Road, Accorn Filling Station, Ibadan

Phone: 08142552449

Take-Off Time/Prices:

  • 08:00 AM - ₦7,000
  • 8:45 AM - ₦7,000
  • 8:00 PM -  ₦5,800

2. Cross Country

Address: 4 Town Planning Way, Mobile Bus Stop, Near Local Govt Secretariat Ring Road, Ibadan

Phone: 08028435347

Price: ₦6,500 – ₦7,500

Take-Off Time:

  • 08:00 AM
  • 05:00 PM

3. Young Shall Grow Transport

Address: Opposite Nigerian Breweries, Alakia, Ibadan, Oyo.

Phone Number:

  • 08037797090
  • 08079751771

Email Address: ibadan@ysgtransport.com

Price: ₦5,500 – ₦6,500

Take-Off Time: 08:00 AM

4. Peace Mass Transit Limited

Address: Samonda Old Airport, UI, Sango Road, Ibadan

Phone: 08055091851

Price: ₦7,300

Take-Off Time:

  • 06:00 AM
  • 06:30 AM
  • 07:00 AM
  • 07:30 AM
  • 08:00 AM
  • 08:30 AM


Arrive at the terminal as early as you can

5. Glory Line

Address: N0 30, Oyo Road opp. U.I. Post office


  • +2347033339100
  • +2348036426216

Price: N/A, please visit their terminal for more details.

Take-off Time:

  • 6:00 AM
  • 6:30 AM

6. Ifesinachi Transport

Address: Veterinary area, Mokola Ibadan

Phone: +2348070591899

Price: N/A, please visit their terminal for more details

Take-off Time: 6:30 AM

Safety tips for your trip from Ibadan to Abuja

To avoid any trouble before or during your road trip, please refer to our safety tips below:

1. Get to the terminal as early a possible. This makes you calmer and much more organized than a person who gets there 15 minutes to departure time.

2. In the case that you have sensitive or fragile materials in your luggage, do well to inform the driver so extra care can be taken when moving it around. Also, make sure you keep an eye on your luggage so you can ensure that it's not carelessly shoved into a tight corner or placed under a heavier bag.

3. Drive with your driver!! This does not mean you have to hold the wheels with him. It only means you have to be very observant. Watching the road, monitoring the speed the vehicle, looking out for warning signals on the road and other sensitivities are things that should be monitored not only by the driver but also by the passengers, so the driver can be kept in check.

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Don't forget to search for fun places in Abuja beforehand


Now you are ready for your trip from Ibadan to Abuja by road and vice versa but before you board a bus to your destination, let us just recap on what should be on your mind.

First, consider funds for the trip, choose the nearest and most convenient terminals in your place while never underestimate the importance of the routes and transport company's schedule. Second, ensure your bag has necessary things while watching your stomach. The best thing you can do with it is not to eat anything at all. Finally, and now you need to research some transport service providers, which is the most important.

>>> Hope this article is helpful to you. You can find more driving and travelling tips like this on Naijacarnews.com! See you!

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