If you witness an accident, what should you do?


When accidents happen, witnesses are meant to assist the victims in every way possible! Here are steps for you to follow when you witness an accident on road.

Accidents are almost inevitable. Some people are lucky enough not to experience them through out their lifetime, while others aren't. Automotive accidents could involve planes, boats, trains or cars. But in this article, the focus will be more on those involving cars - road accidents. It's really important to know what to do when you are at the accident scene. Not as a driver or the person who is hit, but as a passerby. Knowing how to react or what to do when you witness an accident goes a long way in saving lives. Here are some tips to help guide you.

1. Safety first

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) have a slogan that says "safety first". Elaborately speaking, this means that you have to be safe before you can help others in being safe. Therefore, once you witness an accident, find a safe place to stay while you call for help. There have been instances where passerbys rush towards the accident scene immediately, and end up becoming victims too. Therefore, ensure that you are safe, you have called the police or FRSC and the area doesn't have more danger looming, before you proceed to help those involved.


Call for help before moving victims at an accident scene

2. Stay calm while you approach the scene

If you panic, you would likely make others feel uneasy and this might cause more harm. So approach the scene calmly and find out how bad the accident is. If you don't have any prior medical training, do not start moving people as you might even hurt them the more. If there aren't heavy objects lying on the victims that needs to be moved immediately, take time to reassure the victims that help is on the way and they should not worry.

3. Look around the vehicle for eminent danger

Some accidents lead to gas leaks. Take a few minutes to look around the vehicle to ascertain if there are leaks or if a fire is growing. If danger is eminent and help isn't there yet, you can move the victims carefully. If you can access the fire extinguisher in the vehicle, you can use it where necessary as well. When moving accident victims, be careful with their head and neck. Use your arm to support it as much as possible.


Being unaware of the accident ahead, upcoming vehicles may end up multiple crashes

4. Look around for valuables and keep them safe

In Nigeria, accident scenes end up being pickpocket scenes. Therefore, look around for the victim's valuables amd keep it safe. From wallets to phones and monies, retrieve them from the victim's vehicle or pockets if you can. You can only hand it over to the police or the road safety officials.

5. Keep the police informed

There are several cases in Nigeria where hospitals refused treating people involved in accidents except police is involved. This was majorly at a time when car robberies were rampant. In other cases, witnesses could be detained for helping the "robbers". To be a safer side, ensure to keep the police updated if they don't make it to the scene on time before the victims are taken to the hospital. On the other hand, if victims ask that you call a specific friend or family member, kindly do. You can also hand over their valuables to them when they arrive.

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Kennedy Ilediagu