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Ifesinachi Transport Company is one of the leading indigenous brands involved in city-city movement of passengers across the nation. This article will tell you everything you need to know about their services, including online booking, current routes and schedules as well as ticket prices. Read on!

Over the years, many transport companies have sprung up in Nigeria but couldn’t survive the Nigerian business terrain. So, also many have started and have remained in business for a really long time. Amongst these survivours is Ifesinachi Transport Company.

Road transportation is one industry that cannot be done without in Nigeria. Every minute more and more people have reasons to travel across cities and even across land borders. As the need continues to grow, transport companies have continued to invest in infrastructures and solutions to enable them serve their customers better. With the introduction of technology such as fleet management systems, vehicle trackers and speed limits in the transport business, transporters have continued to push the limits of their business success.


Ifesinachi Transport started operations in the years 2000

In all of these, Ifesinachi Transport Company remains a major market player in the road transport network. Read on as we explore the Ifesinachi transport brand and find out about their routes, their services, terminals, fare prices and why you might want to use them.

1. Advantages of traveling with Ifesinachi Transport

Our research shows that majority of the passengers that travel with Ifesinachi Transport are mostly of the middle-class strata of the society and also low-budget travelers. While the company does not boast of modern or state-of-the-art bus terminals like some other industry players, they deliver fast and efficient service. Their bus departure time is timely and has affordable fares that have been attested to by many.


Ifesinachi Transport uses luxurious buses for their night journeys

The company also offers rides in different types of vehicles to accommodate different passenger needs. Amongst their fleet are Sienna cars, Hiace buses, Coaster buses, and other luxurious buses. They also offer day and night journeys. Mostly, they make use of luxurious buses for their night journeys and often offer cheaper fares for night-time trips than day-time trips.

2. How to book Ifesinachi Transport ticket online

Ifesinachi Transport Company also offers customers an option to book for their travel ahead of time. With this option, passengers can pick their desired travel date and time, reserve a particular seat and also pay online without having to make a trip to Ifesinachi Park.

Once you book and pay online, the only thing you have to do is be at the park at your scheduled travel date and you are good to go. We recommend that you always show up at least 1 hour before your bus departure time. This is to enable them load up your bags or loads (if you have any) into the vehicle.

Steps to book Ifesinachi Transport ticket online

To book an Ifesinachi bus online, you are simply required to visit their website and make your reservation.

However, we should warn you before you attempt to book an Ifesinachi bus online, you should know that the company does not always display available vehicles on a good number of travel dates. So, you might just want to stop by at their park and purchase your ticket ahead of your travel date. Alternatively, you can report earlier on your desired travel date and purchase your bus ticket on the spot.

  • Navigate to ifesinachitransport.com
  • Select your departure state
  • Select your departure terminal
  • Select your destination
  • Choose your travel date
  • Proceed to make your reservation.

3. Ifesinachi Transport schedules, routes, and terminals

If you are traveling from Lagos or Abuja to East or vice-versa, take note that Ifesinachi buses depart usually in the mornings starting from 6 am till 12 pm and again in the evenings ahead of night journeys, usually from 6 pm.

The list of routes that are traveled by Ifesinachi Transport are as follow!

  Ifesinachi Transport routes
From Lagos to To Lagos from
Onitsha/Awka Onitsha/Awka
Enugu/9th Mile Enugu/9th Mile
Nsukka/Obollo Afor Nsukka/Obollo Afor
Otukpo/Makurdi Otukpo/Makurdi
Lokoja/Abuja Lokoja/Abuja
Minna Minna
Kaduna Kaduna
Owerri Owerri
Aba Aba
Kaduna Kaduna

Ifesinachi Transport Terminals

Ifesinachi Transport Company’s main terminal is at 2/4 Ikorodu Road, Jibowu Yaba, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria.

They also have terminals and parks are in states like:

  • Lagos
  • Enugu
  • Abuja
  • Anambra
  • Ebonyi
  • Imo
  • Kaduna
  • Ibadan
  • Abia

4. Ifesinachi Transport price list

The average bus trip with Ifesinachi Transport costs between 4,200 - 8,000. See their bus fares below.

Ifesinachi Transport Company price list
Route Price
Lagos (Jibowu) - Abuja ₦6,500
Lagos (Jibowu) - Onitsha ₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu) - Owerri ₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu) - Enugu ₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu) - Nsukka ₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu) - Imo ₦5,700
Lagos (Jibowu) - Abia ₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu) - Kaduna ₦7,500
Lagos (Jibowu) - Ibadan ₦4,200


Ifesinachi bus park in Enugu

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5. Vehicles available at Ifesinachi Transport

The vehicle alternatives that are available for passengers traveling with Ifesinachi include:

  • Sienna cars

A sienna car seats 3 passengers per row and there are 2 rows with I passenger in the front. In all, Ifesinachi Sienna boards a maximum of 7 passengers. There is usually plenty of room for passengers to stretch their legs and feel very comfortable during the journey.

  • Hummer buses

An Ifesinachi hummer bus accommodates 16 to 18 passengers depending on the class of hummer bus. Fares with hummer buses are usually cheaper than with Sienna cars. This alternative is ideal for passengers hoping to travel fast while hoping to pay average fares.

  • Coaster buses

These coaster buses are simply mini luxurious buses. They have seating capacity for up to 30 passengers. One of the advantages of traveling with this alternative is the reduced transport fare. However, Coaster buses take their time and do not run as fast as Sienna cars or hummer buses.

  • Luxurious buses

Just like Coaster buses, luxurious buses offer affordable transport fares. Comfortability is also guaranteed in Ifesinachi luxurious buses as there is plenty of room. With a seating capacity for up to 60 passengers, speed is not one of its attributes, just like coaster buses, luxurious alternative takes its time at an average speed to get to its destination.


Many have attested to Ifesinachi Transport's cheap fare prices for luxury services

6. History and contacts of Ifesinachi Transport company

The foundation of what is now Ifesinachi Transport brand was laid by the late Enugu-born businessman, James Ogbonnaya Mamah when he bought his first truck in the year 1965 with which he ventured into the transport business.

Ifesinachi Transport started operations in the years 2000 but unfortunately the founder, Mr. James Ogbonnaya Mamah died in 2010 and a new Mamah Patriarch in the person of his son, Chukwuemeka Mamah took over helming of the business.

Fast forward to today, the astute businessman has become a major pioneer player in the transport business. The company is in business with a fleet of nearly 1000 buses and has in its employ onwards of 3,500 members of staff.

Contacts of Ifesinachi Transport

Ifesinachi Transport Company’s customer care line is +2348062081082. You can find them on Facebook @ifesinachitrans.

7. User reviews when traveling with Ifesinachi Transport

Below are some real reviews by customers who have traveled with Ifesinachi Transport.

  • Better experience, yeah! Convenient fare charges too

  • Here you can get Luxurious Busses to East and Southern part of the Nigeria by road.

  • Ifesinachi makes your travelling experience a very easy and affordable one. Great to be there, enjoy

  • I still remember travelling from Lagos to Jos from here many years ago when I was a kid. This place has stood the test of time. Where do you want to go...East, North, South...?Wherever, these guys have got you.

  • The only problem is the aggressiveness that their guys employ in chasing after potential passengers, you'd think you were being robbed.

  • #ifesinachiparkjibowu is one of the loading stations of ifesinachi transport company.it is a mega transport company that have been in business for decades.they are also into haulage and courier services.their fare is affordable.they have good and cheerful ticketers.they have parking space,wheelchair access,and sheltet for travellers.you can book your seat through the internet that is online.t heir route includes all over the federation.

  • Old and cozy but enjoyable

In conclusion, Ifesinachi Transport Company is a good service for anyone to travel with. Having been in business for almost two decades, they might not look too "packaged" like some of their competitors but they have vehicles in good conditions and also experienced drivers who get the job done. You should totally travel with them if you are looking at having a good trip at a budget-friendly price.

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