Lagos to Ibadan by road: Bus fare, what to pack, and tips when traveling


If you're traveling from Lagos to Ibadan by road, your comfort should be paramount. Although the distance isn't so much, you still need to consider the various available prices. This article contains a number of recommended transport companies you can ride with, their Lagos terminals, schedules, as well as prices.

The distance between Lagos and Ibadan is considered a cake bite, unlike other states in the northern or eastern part of Nigeria. Very often, a lot of people tend to hit the road to Ibadan from Lagos, it takes an hour if you drive fast and, of course, if the road is free of traffic (which is almost impossible). However, if you can't drive, getting a commercial bus is quite easy. Unlike when traveling to distant locations, you can book your ticket online or via an application (just like GIGM), you really can't do that when traveling from Lagos to Ibadan by road. You can literally get buses to Ibadan any time of the day, up to 10 pm in some locations.

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The Lagos to Ibadan route is one of the most busy in Nigeria

1. Bus fares from Lagos to Ibadan

The table below includes places where you can take a bus from Lagos to Ibadan together with its ticket cost.

Buses from Lagos to Ibadan Taxi fare
Location Bus fare
Iyana paja motor pack ₦1,500 - ₦1,700  ₦1,900 - ₦2,000 

Ojota motor pack

₦1,200 - ₦1,500  ₦1,700 - ₦1,800 
Oshodi motor pack ₦1,300 - ₦1,500  ₦1,700 - ₦1,900 
Ajah motor pack ₦1,500 - ₦1,800  ₦1,900 - ₦2,000 
Iyana iba motor pack ₦1,800 - ₦2,000  ₦2,000 - ₦2,200 
Yaba motor pack ₦1,100 - ₦1,300  ₦1,500 - ₦1,700 
Ikorodu motor pack ₦1,200 - ₦1,800  ₦2,000 - ₦2,200 
Lagos Island ₦1,300 - ₦1,500  ₦1,700 - ₦1,900 
Mile 12 ₦1,800 - ₦2,000  ₦2,000 - ₦2,200 
Agege motor pack ₦1,500 - ₦1,700 ₦1,900 - ₦2,000 
Ayobo motor pack ₦1,100 - ₦1,300  ₦1,500 - ₦1,700 
Ojodu motor pack ₦1,200 - ₦1,800  ₦2,000 - ₦2,200 

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2. Traveling tips from Lagos to Ibadan by road

There are lots of rickety buses traveling from Lagos to Ibadan, this means they can break down at any time and in any place. When you're ready for your journey, consider these factors:

  • Don't overfeed or overdrink before leaving your comfort zone.
  • Be prepared to get rid of motion sickness.
  • Leave your home with fully charged devices and if you have one, a power bank.
  • Find a bus park close to your house.
  • When you arrive at the bus park, scrutinize the bus as much as you can. If it looks uncomfortable, find another park closer to you, after all, you have a lot of options.
  • If you want to arrive quickly at Ibadan and don't mind the extra cost, take the taxi.
  • As a lady, try not to wear tight-fitting jeans. Tight fitted jeans will make peeing very difficult for you.
  • Take down the plate number of the bus and send it to your trusted friends or family.
  • A personal information form is always given to the passengers to fill, do not ignore it.
  • If you can, sit in front, close to the driver.
  • If you enjoy the window-side seat, make sure it's not a rainy season. Some of these buses leak by the side and lack proper windows, you might get soaked if it rains heavily.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings.
  • If you have a lot of stuff that needs to be kept in the boot/trunk, make sure it is kept in a safe place. Each time a passenger alights, and they have to take their belongings from the trunk, be sure to check so your stuff isn't stolen or taken away by mistake.
  • In case your belongings are breakable, it's advisable to keep them with you, as opposed to keeping them in the bus trunk.
  • Be alert and avoid long sleep when you're on any public transport.


Remember to bring earpieces, music will get you a relaxing trip

3. How long does it take to travel from Lagos to Ibadan?

As mentioned earlier, Ibadan is not so far from Lagos. The traveling distance greatly depends on how fast the bus drives and traffic. Take a look at the average speed and the travel distance:

Estimated travel distance between Lagos and Ibadan
Average speed Travel time
75 mph (120 km/h) 1 hour 8 minutes

70 mph (112 km/h)

1 hour 13 minutes

60 mph (97 km/h) 1 hour 24 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h) 1 hour 42 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h) 2 hours 08 minutes
30 mph (48 km/h) 2 hours 51 minutes

If you prefer driving yourself, it takes approximately 134 km, which is just 1 hour, 24 minutes, to arrive at Ibadan. Check below the map of Lagos-Ibadan routes.

4. What should I pack?

  • Pack every single thing you personally need 
  • If you can, make sure you have one single bag, it will be much easy to keep an eye on one back than two.
  • If you have a lot of stuff, porters will consistently approach you to carry them. These porters work independently and some might not be safe, just stay very close to them if you intend to patronize them. They charge just a token. 
  • You can pack a little snack, but not strong foods or drinks. The restrooms along the road aren't convenient.
  • One important tool is your earpiece, music will make your journey more interesting.
  • If you enjoy reading, take an interesting book with you.
  • Carry your hand sanitizer.
  • No need for a sweater, the buses are not air-conditioned.

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A bird's eye view of Ibadan and Lagos city

5. Final notes

While traveling, you shouldn't completely trust roadside food or snacks. They may not be hygienic and can upset your stomach after a short while. In addition, when nature surprises you with a rumbling stomach, don't stay too long while taking a dump. If the passengers or bus driver didn't notice you on the bus, you might be left behind. When you reach your destination, which is likely Iwo road, you can easily find your way around from there.

We hope you enjoy your trip from Lagos to Ibadan by road and visit our website for more driving and travelling tips!

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