Nigerian Police Force gives 16 tips for safe and cordial relationship at their checkpoints


The Nigerian Police Force has released some set of about 16 tips which can help maintain a safe and cordial relationship at their checkpoints. Check them here! will not pretend to be completely unaware of the recent increasing events of misunderstandings occurring at police checkpoints all over Nigeria which some of them even lead to loss of civilian lives.

We believe that this same concern must have pushed the body of the Nigerian Police Force to make use of their official twitter handle @PoliceNG in educating and equipping the general public with over 16 tips for safe and cordial relationship at their checkpoints.


Nigerian police checkpoints can be found almost anywhere around the country

First, whenever you are approaching a police/security checkpoint anywhere in Nigeria or whenever you are being flagged-down by a police officer or even other security agencies in Nigeria:

1. Slow down

Try as much as you can to slow down your car. This automatically shows that you aren’t a reckless driver. It also helps douse any form of suspicion that might indicate you being a criminal on the run.

2. Turn down the volume

Turn the volume of your car stereo down. This is just what pure courtesy demands. And doing this will enable you to hear and have a better conversation with the officers. Don’t be surprised that this single act can really help you to immediately win the confidence of a security operative on duty.

3. Don't hide hands

Make sure to keep your hands clearly visible at the checkpoint in order to avoid any type of unnecessary fear or suspicion by the officers that you or your passenger might try to pull out a gun on them or any other harmful type of object just to attack them.

4. Turn on inner light at night

If your encounter occurs during the night time, make sure to turn on your vehicle’s inner light while approaching the officers at a checkpoint. Doing this really sends a subtle message to the officers that you have nothing at all to hide in your car.

5. Be friendly

Try being more cheerful and friendly. You can commend the police officers especially when you see they are working under a very harsh weather condition like; excessive cold, heat or sunshine, heavy rains, harsh harmattan, and etc.  Everyone knows its just their job they are doing but even the smallest kind word from you might go a long way in their hearts. It's just like smiling at a mirror, the mirror will surely smile back at you almost all times.

6. Be co-operative

When officers put questions forward to you, try to be a bit more polite in answering them. They are human beings too and they have feelings. 


Some Nigerian police officers can take rudeness too personal sometimes and act with anger even with no crime committed

7. No challenging words

Do not ever dare challenging armed Nigerian security personnel to a duel at all. It is very common to hear civilians sometimes say stuff like; “Shoot me if you can!”. This is just a pure invitation for disaster! 

8. Keep your distance

As much as you can, avoid getting physical with an armed police officer. If you engage in such, the officer may resort to defending himself/herself by using the weapon available at his/her disposal. And even the court of law will blame you for attacking an officer on duty in uniform.

9. Don't argue

This is just like Tip 7 above; do not engage in any unnecessary argument with an armed security officer. There are numerous ways that a civilian can seek redress when feeling like his/her rights have been infringed upon by security officers.

10. Act harmless

Avoid touching a Nigerian police officer in such an unfriendly manner that can make him/her start suspecting you as if you might be trying to disarm him in some way.

11. Have emergency lines at hand

If you are just a regular road user or traveller, ensure to have the police emergency lines of that route which you are commuting through. 

12. Don't forget your papers

Ensure to have all of your necessary car papers with you whenever you are commuting. 

13. Keep up your good mood

Stop deliberately giving the impression of you being unhappy just to see a Nigerian police officer hasting up or even tell them they are wasting your time. 

14. Note down information

Always take note of the police officers’ name tags, service or force numbers, weapon description, personal description and description of the patrol vehicle being used by the security officers.


It is common to discover that some Nigerian Police officers found at checkpoints are actually working off-duty

15. Resort to senior officer

If things are sort of not working out smoothly for you at a police checkpoint, try seeking the audience of the most senior officer present there. You will most times find them relaxing inside the patrol van.

16. Give request politely

If you think your complaint is not being addressed properly, politely insist on being taken to the nearest police station.

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