Things to look for when driving through flooded areas


During the rainy days in Nigeria, you should equip yourself with these tips.

Main cities like Lagos have to face a lot of adverse weather and the rainy season brings the most hassles to car drivers. Unfortunately, most of the rains are unpredictable. Needless to say, vehicles struggling to inch every centimeter toward, bumper to bumper is not a rare scene these days. Below are some notes that drivers should take if they want their vehicles and themselves survive through this season:

1. Maintain your car regularly

Make sure that your car has proper regular maintenance and operate well, especially the brake system, the wiper, the signal lights. Also, check for tire's treads to see if they're deep enough to ensure friction when touching the road. Change them if necessary. In the meantime, make a checklist of car components that need to be changed periodically and note the due date down to the paper. In case your car is flooded, do these 5 things immediately.

2.  Drive in a good manner

Driving slowly helps the car remain on the road. Though this advice seems redundant to you, some drivers drive really recklessly (as if the death is chasing them). Also turn on the main beam light to see the road more clearly. Finally, remember to always turn the AC on so that vapor would not condensate and stick to the windows and block the vision.

A car driving through flooded water

Take extra care when driving through flooded water

3. Drive at low gear

Change the gear to a lower one. Step on the gas pedal and keep the force constant to make sure that your engine wouldn't shut down while going through the flooded area, which is sometimes "deadly" to the car as water will find its way from the exhaust pipe to get inside the system.

4. Keep a reasonable distance

You should always keep a certain distance from the car ahead. As a rule of thumb, you should stay at least 2-car length away with the car ahead of you, to make sure that you have enough time to react in the event that something unexpected happens. Also, keep a distance from a car that's going toward you as it will create waves that would possibly get inside the cabin.

Driving vision from a car driving in flooded area

Stay at least 2-car length away with the car ahead of you

5. Don't brake too abruptly

Remember the rule number 2, always drive slowly so that you wouldn't have to use the brake as frequent as you do in a normal situation and condition. What's more, never use the handbrake.

6. Take the least flooded route

In case you have to go through a heavily flooded area, take the route that is least flooded. If you are not sure about how flooded the road you are going to drive on, be observant and ask fellow drivers. They will be kind enough to share useful information.

a car going through a heavily flooded road

 Be observant and ask fellow drivers about how flooded is the route you are going to take

7. Be preparative

Finally, you can keep the risk of flooding to your car the lowest by taking preparative measures. Consult our article for how to avoid flooding risk to your car.

In case your car is already damaged by flooded, take a look at this


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