Things you must do to survive a submerging car


Getting stuck in a submerging car can be very a frightening situation, but acting fast and following these instructions will get you to safety in no time.

The good news is surviving a submerging car is achievable, if you can stay calm, think and act fast. According to reports, anyone who is stuck in a flooding car has just one minute to get him or herself out of the car, which means every counting second is extremely crucial. Trying to make a call to get help is actually a waste of time and will properly just lead you to get more confused and doubt yourself. However, there are some step by step decisions to apply in order to escape a sinking car quickly!

Do car doors jam underwater?

Yes, car doors do jam underwater. Knowing this is very important so as not to waste time trying to open it. The reason why this happens is because the pressure from outside is so strong when the car submerges into the water that any effort trying to open it from inside is pointless. The only way to open the door of the car is to balance the pressure outside of the car to the same pressure inside the car by breaking the car window so water can also enter the car. Be advised that it is pointless trying to break the car windshield as it is much stronger than the car windows

 Remember timing is very crucial so there is no point wasting time to break a windshield when the window is less strong and will break much faster.


Focusing on breaking the window and not the windshield for faster exit

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How to survive a submerging car

Now that you are aware that escaping from the car doors is impossible, Naijacarnews has researched possible alternatives to survive a submerging car.

1. Think and Act Fast

The first thing you have to do is think and act fast because every single second counts. The more you delay the more the pressure of the car increases as it sinks into the water. Do not let the water cover all the windows of the car. The window must be broken before water covers it all up.

2. Unbuckle and Break the Window

Take off your seatbelt quickly and look for something in the car that can be used to break the glass window. If you are lucky, some cars have electrical windows that still work a couple of seconds even when all the windows are covered in water. The window will break faster with a sharp object. You can remove the head rest from your seat and use the pin-like area to firmly hit the lower corner part of the window until it starts cracking till the entire window is shattered.

3. Let the Pressure Equalize

Once you have succeeded in breaking the window, wait a little while for the car to get filled up with water to balance the pressure from both inside and outside. Take a deep breathe that will enable reach the surface of the water. There are some new car models now that put into consideration safety glass mechanism that can  break the car window by hitting it in a particular area.


Calm down and ensure there is enough water pressure inside the car 

4. Swim out and get to the surface

You can use the exit of the broken window to make your way out of the car, or you can open the door to avoid glass scratches on your body. Take the kids out first if you are with family to a safe landing.

In conclusion, escaping a sinking car through a door is not possible due to the pressure of the water from outside, therefore, you have to break the window as fast as possible to make your way out. Don’t forget not to panic, think fast, act fast and trust your instincts.

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Chuchu Ikazoboh