Tips for preventing your car from getting stolen


More than a thousand cars get stolen every year around the country! Here are some tips to prevent you from falling victim of auto theft. Read it carefully!

According to a latest report released by statisticians in Nigeria, about 1,000 cars are stolen every year in the country. That's approximately 3 cars a day. Even though this is a 100% drop from what was attainable a decade ago, but it also shows that drivers need to do a lot more to secure their vehicles at all times. There are arguments that automatic transmission cars get stolen more than manual cars, and sedans seet more gullible as compared to SUVs. Whatever the case, it's only wise you take measures to mitigate the possibility of your car being next in line.

That's why we have decided to bring you some really helpful tips for preventing your car from getting stolen.

1. Park wisely

Asides those who are unlucky and get robbed while driving, most vehicles are stolen when parked - especially in public places. Many Nigerians park in areas where they can easily drive away. That's not a wise thing to do, as the thief can also easily access your car and drive away. It's advisable that you park inside a compound, near entrances to major buildings, near a security post or in between other cars. This boosts the protection your car gets. You can also consider parking in a paid parking lot, as those in charge would diligently keep an eye on your vehicle.


Securing your car reduces the risk of theft by half!

2. Get a pedal lock

This might be old school and seem stressful, but it works. It's not enough to just shut your car doors and take your keys. Some car thieves have master keys that open any car door (except those with key-less entry). But once they notice a pedal lock, they don't bother breaking into the vehicle. There are several kinds of pedal locks, find one you feel will fit your car pedals perfectly.

3. Don't leave important items lying around

Many car thieves are not only attracted to your car by how good it looks from the outside, but also from what valuables they see inside. If there's a laptop on the seat, phones lying around the cockpit, valuable cups in the cup holders or money inside the car, thieves will find a way to break in. Therefore, endeavour to keep all valuables away from sight.

4. Keep an eye on your car keys

A lot of people drop their car keys just anywhere. Professional car thieves can tell what kind of car you drive just by looking at the keys. Once they gain access to them, say goodbye to your vehicle. Worst is, if your car uses a key fob, it's easy for them to access simply by clicking the unlock button on the fob till your car responds. So keep your keys in your pocket or hooked to trouser.

5. Install a car tracker

There have scenarios where drivers recounted their ordeal at the hands of car robbers. The thieves tend to leave your car once they notice there's a tracker installed. Since many of them do not know how to uninstall it and risk getting caught, they don't steal such cars. Take advantage of that and install a car tracker. It doesn't cost so much in Nigeria.


There are many apps & device to track your car path, get one for your vehicle!

Finally, the tip that advices drivers not to leave their engine running, goes both ways. If you leave your engine running and step out a bit, your car might get stolen before you return. However, it's also easier for you to escape the theft when your engine is running as compared to someone who still has to turn on the ignition. But do either with discretion. Follow these tips and you'll have your car safe and sound.

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