Top 3 types of road signs every driver needs to know


Ability of reading the road signs is just as important as your driving skills. Without ample knowledge of hazardous signs ahead are just like bringing yourself to the police station or even worse, the hospital. Check out Top 3 types of road signs every driver needs to know! has reported a countless number of road accidents caused by Nigerian drivers’ recklessness and ignorance of various road signs. This is why we are putting out this post featuring the top 3 types of road signs that we expect all Nigerian drivers need to know.

It takes more than just moving a car around for one to be a good driver, the obedience of traffic rules and total concentration when driving are the main keys. And when it comes to “traffic rules”, road signs are the major tools used to demonstrate and communicate proper traffic obligations.

Below are the top 3 main categories of road signs that we believe every driver needs to know;

1. Regulatory signs

These types of road signs are usually circular in shape or of similar shape and below are their sub-categories, description and meanings;

  • Prohibitive Signs: With yellow or red background.
  • Mandatory Signs: With mostly blue circles but with no red borders. This type of signs gives a positive set of instructions to car drivers like “Pedestrian Track”, “Round-About”, “One Way”, “Diversion”, etc.


Stop Sign is a prohibitive road sign with red background


Mandatory signs like one-way sign show instructions for drivers

2. Warning signs

These types of signs are normally triangular in shape and will usually have red borders too. They are meant to warn car drivers of possible hazards just ahead. Some of such road signs include; “No Parking”, “No Overtaking”, “No Horn”, “No U-Turn”, etc.


Car drivers should be aware of possible pedestrian crossing ahead

3. Informative signs

Informative types of road signs are normally rectangularly shaped and they usually provide information and guidance to drivers. Such signs include; “Construction Zone”, “Airport”, “Town”, “Telephone”, “Hospital”, and “Parking”.


This sign informs drivers of a construction zone

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