Understanding SRS sign: What it means to your safety on the road


Understanding the SRS sign on your dashboard is essential to your safety especially during crashes or collision from road mishap. Click here to see what you must know about it!

The SRS sign fully known as supplementary restraint system is a safety device in a car with a deployable design in uncommon instances such as crash as airbags in order to protect the driver and other people in the car.

When the SRS sign comes up on the dashboard permanently, it is an indication of a possible defect with the protective system in the car. This implies the inability of the airbag(s) to deploy in any case of road mishap.


The SRS sign acts as a warning system when there is a dysfunctional protective system in the car

When you notice this sign on your dashboard, the first safety step you must take is taking your car down to an expert, where it would be scanned by using a professional diagnostic tools to carry out the task. Do not attempt to use DIY tools for SRS related issues in your car.

Treating SRS sign could be a bit challenging or tricky despite making use of professional diagnostic machine. This is as a result of multiple defects that could come from other places aside the airbag such as assembly of front passenger airbag, steering wheel pad seat belt pretension, curtain airbag shield assembly and other similar components in the car, which might make the sign to come up on the dashboard.

How to fix your SRS warning light?

This is why you need to be very careful with the kind of roadside mechanic you give repair or body work on your car to. While working on the car, some of these auto mechanics unknowingly through their crude technique hammer away the frame of the car, which could be interpreted as crash by the vehicle computer. Consequently, this would lead to defect in the system or airbag being dangerously deployed.

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