What to do if your car tires burst our while driving?


Car tires burst out while driving is very dangerous no matter how much of an experienced driver you are. Follow our tips on how to avoid a crash when this happens!

There are no doubt a ton of causes of car accidents and it is no news that a burst car tyre ranks amongst the top causes and ultimately a major fear for car and road users. With the possibility of a flip over, swerving the wheel and loss of balance, a burst car tyre is very dangerous no matter how much of an experienced driver you are. This can be caused by a couple of factors like tyres being worn out, overheating, sharp objects on the road e.t.c.


In the time of a tire burst, the importance is not to panic to handle the incident

Although, with recent technological advancements, tyre manufacturers have improved a great deal in their tyre quality and this have helped reduce the chance your car tires burst out while driving. Nonetheless, there are still few occurrences and here are a few tips to help bring your car to a seamless stop if you find yourself in one.

1. Always be alert and reduce tension while driving

There are four basic types of distraction while driving:

  • Visual distraction: this is when you have your eyes on things other than the road
  • Cognitive distraction: when you are thinking about something other than driving safely
  • Auditory distraction: when you are listening to something else that’s taking your attention away from the road. This could be discussions from other passengers so try as much as possible to reduce activities inside the car
  • Manual distraction: when you are trying to operate other things asides the car.

Basically, avoid trying to multi task while driving; using your phone, your computer, eating, carrying your kid, having heated arguments while driving should be totally avoided. And also if you feel drowsy while driving, pull off the road.

In case of a burst tyre, try to remain as calm as possible. There is absolutely no need for panic, just keep your both hands on the steering wheel and look straight forward while you try to apply your techniques in getting the car to stop.

2. Consider your speed

We all know the higher the speed the lesser the control you have over your car in case of an emergency. So less speed more control and more speed less control. If you drive an SUV the chances of the car rolling over are very high so you may want to maintain a fair level of speed every time. Also look out for speed limits in the area where you are driving, they are put there for a reason.


Keep your speed in control is top tip in avoiding a car crash

3. Avoid stepping on the brake abruptly

One basic instinct that may come to your mind when you hear that loud pop sound or when you notice the imbalance in your wheels is to slam right on the brake pedal but that is not advisable as the sudden friction applied to the wheels may cause your car to go totally out of control or take a turn. So try your best to keep your foot away from the brake pedal.

4. Keep your steering wheel balanced with car faced straight

In case of a burst tyre you may have your car going in direction of the burst tyre if in the front and if in rear, you feel a dragging effect and imbalance in your wheels. With your both hands placed on the steering wheel, try to steer in the opposite direction to where the car is pulling to maintain a straight balance. If you continue to steer in direction the car is pulling you or swerve too much in the opposite direction you may drift into the opposite lane, slam against the road divider or worst still cause a multiple car crash. Remember, the aim is to maintain a straight balance and driving with both hands on the steering wheel gives you a better control of the car.


Hold it firmly and try to balance the wheels

5. Take your foot off the accelerator gradually

Needless to say this is easier said than done, but it is highly recommended. If you avoid panicking you can achieve this. It is advised that you maintain the same accelerator pressure very briefly before you try to take your foot off slowly and in moments.

One other way is to use the engine braking method to bring the car to a slow halt. This is the only time you are advised to take your foot off the accelerator totally and allow the engine components bring the car to a relatively slow point before applying the brake for a halt.


Maintaining good driving ethics and paying close attention to your car cannot be over emphasized as you do not know when an accident like this can occur. Always pay attention to sounds coming from your car as you drive; avoid loud music as they can even be distracting so if your car tires burst out while driving, you will know exactly at that moment!

It is expedient you buy your tyres from trusted dealers and try not to patronize used tyres.

Also, as some other parts may have been damaged due to the incident, have your mechanic check the car thoroughly before putting it back on the road.

With these tips you can have total control over your car even after hearing the pop sound from your burst tyre.

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