Why you should take a defensive driving course?


Defensive driving simply refers to driving in such a way that you display an ability to plan for, anticipate, and respond safely to eventualities on the road while totally avoiding accident.

Have you ever wondered how you could navigate traffic as well as they do in the movies? Or wondered how Ambulance drivers make it to the hospital very fast, without risking the life of the in-bound patient or causing a road accident? Have you ever thought if you ever tried it you will end up in an ambulance or six feet under? The art is called defensive driving, and it’s not just for the movies or the paramedics, its for all of us in real time too.

1. What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving skills are a bit different from the usual driving skills we are conversant with. Contrary to what the name might suggest to you, defensive driving simply refers to driving in such a way that you display an ability to plan for, anticipate, and respond safely to the kinetic changes occurring on the road while totally avoiding accidents, and enjoying your driving experience.


The ability to plan for, anticipate, and respond safely when driving constitues defensive driving

2. What do Defensive Driving Trainings entail?

Basic defensive driving trainings are built around a number of courses that greatly improve the learner/driver’s road usage ability. Here is a basic outline of the information covered at defensive driving trainings;

Basic defensive driving courses: what included?

3. Crash Prevention Techniques

It is very important to have knowledge of how to avoid traffic crashes, and also recognize potential hazards, preventing them before it is too late. For this reason, students learn a lot of important crash prevention techniques such as sharing the road, vehicle emergencies, right of way, peculiar car stopping distances, and a lot of other important techniques.

  • State Traffic Laws

Even though these are usual taught during normal driving classes, it is still important to take students through this again as some of the students might not have enough information on it. FRSC has stated Traffic Rules that are taught in every state across the country.

  • Psychological Factors

All drivers on the road cannot share the same state of mind. Drivers, while driving, have several factors that can affect their level of self awareness and mental balance. At times, some of these factors are beyond the driver’s control. But most can be controlled by the driver if he knows what to do, and how to go about it. Defensive driving courses help drivers learn how to overcome negative factors such as stress, road rage, and emotional distress while developing a positive attitude to increase focus while driving.

  • Safety Equipment

A lot of accident casualties could have been prevented if the driver had his seat belt strapped in.  Defensive driving classes provide information, on the correct and proper use of safety equipment, such as headrest, seat belts, and fire extinquishers. 

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4. Advantages of defensive driving training

  • Safety

It is quite necessary to state that to live a long and healthy life your safety must not be compromised. Defensive Driving revolves around ensuring your safety on the road by all means. Especially, when in a position where you must save lives, despite the surrounding conditions on the road. Defensive driving training involves techniques that help you achieve these goals safely and decrease the risk of unwanted accidents.

  • Insurance Benefits

 Some Insurance companies give discounts for completing defensive driving trainings. There are no fixed discounts, as they vary from state to state. In some states, completing a defensive driving training can benefit you with a reduction of about 10% in your insurance rate for the next three to five years.


 Some Insurance companies give discounts for completing defensive driving trainings

  • Protection

Defensive Driving trainings teach a lot of techniques to protect you from negative e physical, psychological or emotional consequenses that result from road crashes. Defensive driving courses teach safe, and accident-free driving techniques.

  • Prevents Court Appearances

In the case you have to choose between a speeding ticket, a court injunction or defensive driving training, it goes without saying that defensive driving training is the best option to go with. By taking a defensive driving course, you can get to avoid an appearance in court.

  • Point Reduction

Most states offer a reduction of points, on your driver’s license, as an incentive. They also offer an additional incentive of not increasing your insurance rates. Both incentives are offered with the condition that you complete a defensive driving training program.

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  • The Safety of the Public

When you complete your defensive driving training, it instills in you the best road safety habits, that enhances your safety, the safety of other road users and pedestrians in the best way possible. Defensive driving training creates responsible citizens/drivers, which means children, and families will remain well protected from road accidents and its consequences.


Defensive driving training instills in you the best road safety habits

  • Promoting a safer society                                                                                

Defensive driving helps ensure that the roads are much safer for use, seeing as most drivers are conversant with the intricacies to accident-free road usage. Driving skills are improved, driving laws and rules are reiterated, and better drivers are made of most drivers.

Defensive driving training is a very essential part of having a great driving experience. You become much more confident than before, become a responsible driver, and the risk of accidents is significantly reduced. Defensive driving trainings can even be taken virtually. You are not only protected, but so are animals, pedestrians, and fellow commuters. This could be a great first step in making the world a better place for you and everyone else to live in.

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Henry Egan