Hyundai - the manufacturer of great offers for Nigerian drivers

They are the most favored models in Nigeria’s market

I. About the brand Hyundai

There is something about  Korean brands that really attract motorists and we Nigerians are no exception. Though the competition is fierce in Nigeria's car market and the number of sales still has a long way before it can reach the top  Hyundai is certainly on a right track there. With a reasonable price tag and the ergonomics design that says "Korean brand", we have no doubt that, one day, Hyundai will make it to the top 3 of the most favored brands in Nigeria.

Dated back 20 years ago when the first Hyundai was introduced to the Nigeria market, the brand has been learning and adapting constantly to the competitive market of Nigeria and has made some substantial progress since then. Recently, they have proven that their ability to invent and innovate can match that of the competitors, by introducing the trio: Elantra, Sonata and Accent.

Their product range is of course much larger than that, from small, economy vehicles to ones in the mid-range section, SUVs, hatches... Also, their sports cars are equally good, showing how versatile the brand is. But in exchange for the easy-to-use features and sporty looks, the costs for replacing car parts are not really the cheapest in the market.

Now, we'll focus on the trio mentioned above. They are 3 models with the best sale volumes in the year 2018:

1. Hyundai Elantra

This is the best seller amongst the 3. Originally named Lantra, the company gave it the new name Elantra back in 2001 at the same time introducing new upgrades. This car is advertised to be more classy and elegance (hence the name "EL-antra").


First introduced under the name “Lantra”, the company decided to make it more elegant, hence the name “EL-Elantra” in 2001

The car was packed full of latest technology, namely Collision mitigation feature, Lane assist, Adaptive cruise control. There are some options for the engine. Either you choose the basic option with a 2-liter engine, a minor upgrade for better fuel economy with a 1,4-liter turbocharge device and lastly a 1,6-liter for maximum speed.

You might not get the top speed of the 3 with those upgrades, but it doesn't mean other competitors should not keep an eye on it.

2. Hyundai Accent

Who says smaller means less classy? The Accent model of Hyundai still possesses some sophisticated features regardless of its small size. Taking the title Huyndai smallest car from the model i20, Hyundai Accent comes with 2 options: sedan and hatch. The hatch version has the SE and Sports options while the sedan also has SE and a Value Edition one.

a hyundai Accent

Regardless of its small size, it’s still equipped with high-end features, and it produces almost zero noise


As fast as it may be, it's surprisingly quiet traveling on the road. It's relatively comfortable to steer and handle, and at the same time does not cost a fortune to maintain. It's really is a bang for your bucks.

3. Hyundai Sonata

We think it's fair to say that the Sonata is the flagship product of Huyndai, given how fast and in great quantity it was sold. If you have to compare it to one of other Hyundai products, it might well be just below the Genesis in term of technicality.

a Hyundai Sonata

This car was sold with the greatest volume in 2018, which says something about its popularity

It's not defined as a sports car but it can travel relatively fast. The design is somewhat "younger" with a wild grille, aggressive-looking headlights. On the inside, it is more spacious than most cars in the same mid-range section.

With Hyundai's presence in many streets in Nigeria and given how well they were sold, the price of parts replacement was driven down significantly and hence you should not be worried if the maintenance date is near.

Final note

Above are the 3 most wanted cars of the brand Hyundai, there is a wide range of other products of this Korean brand which you can see here. Unless you're so filthy rich that only a Ferrari would satisfy you, Hyundai is a reasonable brand that you can resort to whenever you feel the need to buy a new car.