3 main causes of a car squeaking when turning


There are many causes of a car squeaking when turning but those 3 are mostly the culprits behind it. Check below for detailed explanations!

It's always a pleasant experience when you have a smooth ride in your car while you are driving to work, going home or even a road trip, until your car starts making noise. Well, a car squeaking when turning is a common car problem which many car drivers experience, so you aren't alone on this matter.

Here on Naijacarnews, we'll be sharing with you three main causes of a car squeaking when turning.

Let's see them.

3 causes of a car squeaking when turning

If you hear a high-pitch or sharp sound while you're driving on the road, it will alarm you and get you all tensed up. This is because a car has a complex system and with its components that are inter-related, a small part that develops a problem can extend to the entire car. This is the reason car issues have to be identified to get them fixed immediately.

1. Low power steering fluid

When the fluid that's responsible for lubricating the power steering system comes down to a low level, the car will squeak if the steering wheel isn't centralized. Inspect the fluid level and fill it up if need be. And if the fluids are dirty, you should change them as well because it can cause it's own problem too.


Fill the power steering fluid when it has gone low

2. A broken belt connected to the steering wheel

Another cause of car squeaking is a damaged belt. This belt is known to generate power to the vehicle's system, so the need to have it replaced instantly. If left like that, it can have an effect on the fluid pressure that's emanating from the steering pump. A worst case scenario can be the broken belt interrupting the movement of the wheel which happens when it freezes the operations of the power steering system. When it happens, you will start hearing the screeching sound when you turn your steering wheel. Ensure you carry out regular car maintenance to enable the car to stay in good condition.

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3. Faulty ball bearing

When the squeaky sound is being heard at the front of the car, the culprit may be a worn-out or failed ball joints. You should endeavor to replace it immediately. If not, the car may start to vibrate. The front tyres may dwindle as a result, causing a car crash.


A worn out ball joint should be replaced immediately

Some other reasons a car squeaks when turning it are tread wear, dry steering, and a broken power steering pump. In case you hear the squeaky noise in front of the car once in a while, it may be that the tyres has had plied slippery surfaces.

Keep these reasons in mind when you experience such a problem.

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