4 common reasons that make most cars to consume more fuel


Are you observing that your vehicle consumes more fuel than it should lately? Check out these 4 common reasons that make most cars to consume fuel excessively!

Here is another highly helpful set of tips from NaijaCarNews.com to help you diagnose the common problems of excessive fuel consumption in your cars.

First, you must recognize that the fuel temperature sensor of modern-day cars plays a huge role in managing fuel consumption in your car.

A vehicle’s engine only consumes fuel but does not really determine how much it takes by itself solely because the engine is not capable of knowing the fuel temperature which is where the fuel temperature sensor plays an important role. It is the one that tells a car’s engine the fuel temperature level at a particular time which then enables the engine itself to take in the amount it needs based on the fuel temperature it is given.


The fuel temperature sensor is a very small device but once it’s faulty, your car can start consuming fuel excessively

So, what all this summarizes to is that; fuel temperature is the actual determinant of the quantity of fuel taken in by a vehicle’s engine at any time. When the fuel temperature is measured as hot, an engine takes in more but when fuel temperature measures cold, the fuel intake amount is always minimal. Isn’t that just unbelievable?

We will like to quickly chip in at this point that, isn’t it just obvious that one should mostly buy fuel in the morning time rather than cheating ourselves by buying in the sunny/hot afternoons or mid-day?

With all that said, it is just obvious that since the fuel temperature sensor measures the fuel temperature, once it is bad, there will simply be abnormal or excessive fuel consumption in a car.

Below are the 4 common symptoms and signs of a bad or failing fuel temperature sensor that makes most cars to consume fuel excessively;

1. Bad fuel economy

Once your vehicle’s fuel temperature sensor has a fault, the first sign you will get is a sudden obvious bad fuel economy. When this device is bad, it mostly sends a cold signal to the vehicle’s computer thereby confusing it to keep allowing fuel to be consumed more.

2. An engine producing black smoke

This is another obvious symptom of a possible faulty fuel temperature sensor. You might start to see that all of a sudden, your car keeps producing noticeable black unpleasant fumes from the engine through the exhaust.


Black smoke coming from a vehicle’s engine is a sign of a bad fuel temperature sensor causing excessive fuel consumption

The black smoke is a result of too much fuel being consumed by your vehicle’s engine which it cannot even finish burning at its combustion chamber but having to pass them out with the smoke where the remaining burning process now completes at the car’s exhaust pipes.

3. Engine Overheating

If you suddenly begin to experience engine overheating problems, this is also a symptom of a bad fuel temperature sensor. A faulty sensor could be sending wrong hot signals to the vehicle’s computer causing it to trigger incorrect compensation for such signal. This can even cause your car’s engine to misfire result in engine ping.

4. The check engine light comes and stays on

This is another very common cause of excessive fuel consumption caused by a bad fuel temperature sensor. In some vehicles, it is very common that the computer in the car will trigger and set off the engine check light to come on once it detects that there is a problem with that sensor’s circuit or signal. In most cases, this engine check light will stay on and never go off until the problem is fixed in such a car.

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These are currently our simplest 4 common signs of a bad fuel temperature sensor that can your cars to consume fuel excessively and unnecessarily.

We advise that once you begin to see any of the above 4 symptoms, go get your fuel temperature sensor checked and replaced by an expert mechanic.

Meanwhile, if you still want more tips and advice like this which will help you keep your car in good shape for a long time then, navigate here: -> Car Care

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