40 dashboard warning lights in Honda cars & their respective meanings


How many dashboard warning lights in Honda vehicle models do you recognize and know their corresponding meaning? Learn about the top 40 here now!

NaijaCarNews will never claim to know all of the numerous warning lights that are featured on the different Honda vehicle models in the world, No!

We understand that these lights may sometimes vary from Honda car model to another and usually come on when there is a slight or serious problem that needs attention in a vehicle.

Meanings of Honda dashboard light colors

Most of the dashboard warning lights in Honda vehicles will usually be made up of red, green or yellow colours. And in our best knowledge;

  • Green lights are usually indicator lights telling if a feature is “ON” or “OFF”. They will come on to remind you that a feature is “ON” and would turn “OFF” to tell you that the feature has been switched off. An example of such a feature is the cruise control.
  • Yellow lights are usually warning lights meant to inform a driver about any issue that could become dangerous later. The yellow lights mostly tell when a “system” or “monitoring system” is malfunctioning and should be checked to avoid severe problems. Such problems could be low tire pressure or low fuel in the Honda car.
  • Red lights often inform a driver of a serious/severe condition. Not all of such issues will render a Honda car inoperable. It might sometimes be just a serious malfunction like a “Seat belt reminder”. But some other ones like warning light for “high engine temperature” can translate to a possible catastrophic car failure if neglected.

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Top 40 Honda dashboard warning lights and their meanings

Below is an image collection of the most common top 40 dashboard warning lights you will most likely get in Honda vehicles and their respective meanings;

Inspect the part that each light is associated with to troubleshoot the problem in your Honda car.


Common Honda dashboard warning lights – The red & yellow lights


Common Honda dashboard warning lights – The other lights

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Oluwaseun Solomon