5 maintenance tips to keep you car healthy


There are simple maintenance tips that can make your car last longer. in this article we have highlighted a few of them.

When going to buy a car, you want something that you will enjoy and use for a long time. There are simple maintenance tips that can make your car last longer. In this article, we share 5 tips that can make your last longer, drive better and save you a lot of money from repairing damaged parts.

1. Make sure you keep clean coolant in your car

Worn out coolants can create electric power through electrolysis, make a little voltage and conduct electricity which can cause damage to your car electric system. Because of the acidity of the coolants, they have the positive and negative terminals. So, to check your coolant, what you want to do is put the positive and negative points of a multi-meter into the coolant and check for the reading on the meter. If it reads above 0.3 then the coolant is worn out and has a lot of voltage and can mess up with the sensor of the car. Unlike older cars that use normal antifreeze coolants, modern cars use the HOAT (hybrid organic acid technology) which lasts longer. The major problem with the coolants system is the electrolysis; the lesser the conducting ability the better the coolant. When changing your coolant, you also want to take note of what type you already have in your car, whether antifreeze or HOAT.


Here's how to properly maintain your car

2. Change your sparkplugs regularly

As little as these parts are, maintaining them can increase the life span of your car. There are different types of spark plugs with the major difference being their electrodes. Older versions were made of copper which takes faster time to wear out after about three to four months depending on the use of the car. Modifications were made on the spark plugs from copper to platinum. Now, spark plugs in modern cars are made out of irinium because irinium is stronger and takes a longer time to wear off.

These irinium spark plugs could last as long as a year before they begin to wear off but it isn’t advisable you leave them to work for that long. As the spark plugs wear off, they take more electricity to spark them and this could ruin your ignition system and catalytic converter overtime.

If you want to know if the spark is wearing out, check for the gap between the hood and the tip. The bigger the gap the more damaged the spark is.

3. Check your battery

You may think that the battery isn’t so much of an issue and misuse. But you need to know, especially if you drive a modern car that a lot of your car components are connected to your battery and a little voltage surge can have your wirings fried and alternator damaged. The good thing about this is, you don’t have to go to an auto-mechanic workshop to have it checked. You can do so at your own time using a handy battery monitor machine and avoid waiting until the battery is totally worn out.


The car battery is one of the most important component in a car

4. Change the oil regularly

The best time to change your oil is every 3-4 months. Though some manufacturer may claim their oil lasts longer, for the sake of your car lasting longer it is advised you change oil more frequently than stated.

5. Make sure all other fluids are kept clean

The power steering and brake fluids and other car fluids don’t need very regular change but it’s advised once in a while you flush them out and replace with new ones. The brake fluid absorbs a lot of water and it could corrode the entire brake system if not changed regularly.

These tips are very easy and you could do them yourself. Like we always say, your car is as good as you take care of it. You can find more car maintenance tips on Naijacarnews.com

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