5 reasons your engine fails to start when it is cold


When the temperature gets really cold, it can have a serious adverse effect on your engine. Click here to find out why your engine fails to start when it is cold!

One thing that can really piss you off is when your car engine decides to stop working. It gives you a terrible feeling and ultimately ruins your plan for the entire day. It is absolutely normal to have array of idea jumping out of your head of a possible way out of this mess. Your nightmare is about the condition of the engine, which you feel it might have been impaired. You should know that when you encounter problem as such, it doesn’t necessarily mean your engine is severely damaged or even replacement with a new one is needed. It might be an indicator of low oil level or one of the components in the car is faulty and it is hindering the engine from starting. This problem often happens when the engine is exposed to cold outside. Here on Naijacarnews.com are the possible 05 reasons why your engine fails to start when it is cold.

1. Battery

You might be shocked to discover that when the temperature is cold, it might affect the battery in the vehicle adversely. This is because of the chemical reaction in the battery that must take into action for it to function effectively. When it is cold, the chemical reaction will be slowed down, hereby leading to an insufficient current produced by the car battery to aid ignition. That is why you often find it difficult to start the engine.


Sudden engine hard starting could make you clueless and really pissed off

2. Bad solenoid

It is very important you know that the solenoid is solely in charge of transmitting an electric current inside the starter system. You cannot rule out wear in the cylindrical wire coil with time. When this happens, it becomes quite difficult for any of the electrical components and the engine itself to power on. To fix this problem, you will need a replacement for this coil.

3. Bad ignition switch

Another area you shouldn’t overlook is the ignition switch, which is found within the internal combustion engine. It makes sure that the electrical components in the vehicle comes on whenever you turn the key to the ignition. For the engine to start, it is vital the ignition switch functions properly. Your engine will be so hard to start if the switch to the ignition is worn out or bad.


Many at times, reason for hard start could be as simple as low oil level in the engine

4. Malfunctional starter

When you start the engine, you are directly deploying the starter motor. When this particular starter motor is faulty, there will be a hard time starting the engine. The starter motors is not immune to the wear and tear that mostly affect many parts of the car. Anytime you decide to turn the key to the ignition and you notice that it has no impact, which is an enough indicator that there is a problem with the starter. It is also possible you experience dimmed lights when you turn the ignition key. This can make the vehicle to start very slowly.

5. Thicker oil

When the temperature increases in its coldness, it might affect the thickness of the oil inside the engine. When this happens, thick oil finds it pretty hard to circulate within the engine and get those components lubricated. This often put too much pressure on the engine to distribute the oil. Consequently, it creates issues when you start the car or even while driving. Thicker oil is also possible if you fail or overlook the period oil change in your car. To avoid this problem, always get an oil change and adhere strictly to the instruction on your car manual. Remember, you need to always use the appropriate oil for the engine.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Car Is Not Starting

Avoid taking chances with your car engine. When you make up your mind to overlook hard starting, it will lead to more severe problem. Hereby, you will not be able to start your engine regardless of the efforts you put there. If you have any problem, visit your auto mechanic for mechanical or electrical clarification.

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