5 signs that your engine has gone bad


The engine is the center of the car and should be taken care of to ensure the smooth running of the car. Read up these signs to know when it has become faulty

The engine remains the heart of the vehicle. Just like your heart pumps blood, the engine pumps fuel and air to ensure proper running of the car. Now, when the engine isn't functioning properly, it will affect the car as it won't be able to run. If you can be able to picture a scenario where a human heart isn't working fine and its impact on the human body, and what will happen next, then you would understand how important the engine is. As the body won't be able to function properly, so it will be with the car. When the engine becomes faulty or bad, it will be seen in the car's performance.

When we say an engine has gone bad, we are not being specific but general. However, when you are able to pinpoint signs of a bad engine, it will enable you to take immediate action before it goes out of hand.


Knowing the signs of a faulty engine helps you get rid of the dilemma of breaking down in the middle of no where

This article on Naijacarnews will be letting you know some signs and symptoms you should be on the lookout for which should tell you that your engine has gone bad.

5 Signs that your engine is going bad

There is a lot of stuff going on inside your car which is oblivious to your visible eyes. The way any machine will bring the hidden faults to your notice is when they appear as signs and symptoms. This is to enable you to take instant action before it endangers your engine. Let’s see the signs which indicate engine failure.

1. Stumpy engine power

One of the red flags that you are sure to observe is that the engine will be struggling endlessly to run at its usual pace. When you experience this on your car engine, you should know that the engine has an internal fault and it's stopping the entire car from performing. You are also likely to notice your vehicle is shaking when you are at a high speed or driving it up a slope is becoming difficult. When your engine starts creating many problems, it becomes necessary that you call up an auto expert to check it out to help diagnose and fix the issue.


If your car is shaking at high speeds, it's giving you a sign of a faulty engine

2. Weird sounds

How do you know your engine is gradually failing? The knocking noise emanating from the bonnet is a sign. The engine's mechanical parts such as the Pistons, bearing, and other moving parts are responsible. If you are having this issue with your car as well, take it to a mechanic to help examine the problem. And if you decide to ignore the weird sounds, you may end up having a broken car. Better to detect the problem and follow it up than neglecting it.

3. Foul odor inside the car

It's normal to perceive the odor a vehicle emission outside the car but when it's now noticed to be smelling inside, then it's a sign that the engine has gone bad. You wouldn't want to perceive the exhaust fume inside the car. It’s advisable a professional have a thorough look at your car, inside out.

4. Smoke from exhaust

An exhaust produces smoke for different reasons. In the midst of this, how do you know the engine is failing? It's simple. Take a look at the smoke. If it's black, then there's an issue with the engine. It could also indicate your car is consuming much fuel and this can dig a hole in your pocket when not addressed. The high rate of fuel consumption may arise from a damaged air filter, blocked fuel return line or some mechanical problem. Most people neglect the black smoke when it starts emanating from their exhaust when they should be checking it out for that's the way to make sure your car runs longer.


Smoke's color can tell a lot about the condition of your car engine

5. Check engine lights turned on

When there's a problem with your car, a way to notify you is the check engine lights coming up on your dashboard. Sadly enough, many drivers don't care to check what those lights are trying to tell them. Not until the car finally breaks down. This shouldn't be so. The lights illuminating is saying that something is wrong with the car which needs immediate attention. It’s up to you to take heed and get the car check for possible reasons for the lights turning on. This will help you avoid larger expenses.

Video: Check Engine Light On in Your Car? The Truth About What it Means

Signs and symptoms of a bad engine shouldn't be taken for granted. Attend to them whenever you notice the signs to help extend the life of your car.

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