5 ways to kill noise from car’s exhaust


The noise coming from the car's exhaust could be loud enough to disrupt the peace of the entire community anytime you drive by. Dive in to learn 5 ways to kill noise from the car’s exhaust!

Here is a simple answer to the frustrating noise that has been disturbing the entire neighbourhood, coming from your car anytime you drive by. The easy culprit here is the exhaust. Keeping your car quiet shouldn’t be much of an issue for you as a car owner. There are several ways you can easily kill the noise from the car's exhaust while there are some that can only be carried out by professionals. So, it could be tricky at times while trying the best decision to make for your car.

Before you rush into any form of fix, you need to know the possible reasons for the loudness of the exhaust. Old exhaust is the most common reason but it could sometimes be as a result of having too powerful exhaust in the car. When you are driving tuned up super car, you could experience this problem and apply similar solution to loud exhaust.


No one wants his exhaust to be loud unless he is a bragging high-performance car owner

Leakage is another obvious reason for loud exhaust. Diagnosing this problem is quite simple. All you need to do is, find a safe and flat spot to park your car with brake firmly engaged. Check underneath for smoke or puddles. Do not forget, your safety should be your top priority. Here on Naijacarnews.com are the 5 simple ways of killing noise from the car’s exhaust.

1. Fixing the leakage

When you notice a leak in the exhaust, the first thing that comes to mind is to fix it. The best material to use for a small hole is heat-resistant epoxy, which comes with relatively simple guides on how you can apply it easily. But if the hole is large, you should make use of a more effective material such as muffler cement.

Make sure you purchase sufficient amount of tube to help solve the present issue you are encountering with the exhaust.  Rid the intended spot of any kind of rust before proceeding to apply the products you acquired. Cleaning will also expose the condition of the exhaust to you. When you observe too many holes on it, it is highly recommended you get a new one.

Video: How To Fix A Loud 3-Inch Exhaust

2. Investing in a new muffler

Muffler is one of the most essential components of exhaust in a car. It is that part that encases the last part of the pipe before it opens. So, it literally plays the major role of quieting the exhaust. When it stops playing that main role, it is an indicator that you should get new for yourself.

Mufflers out there vary based on specific brands or models. Better you take your time and select the one that fits into your car perfectly. You need to be patient enough and probably have a bit of technical know-how if you are fixing it by yourself. If not, consult an expert.


You might need to get a new muffler when it gets impaired to have a quiet exhaust while driving

3. Soundproofing mufflers (DIY)

Soundproofing your muffler should be your next line of action, which you could construct by yourself. Obviously, you would be in need of materials useful for sound deadening. You have the privilege to select few available options such as steel scrubs, fiber-glass packing and metal wool.

Regardless of your choice of material, make sure it is resistant to heat. There are many videos online that would further help you to do this properly. You can also save yourself the stress by giving it to an experienced auto mechanic to help you perform the task in no time.

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4. Buying a silencer

Silencer is another thing you could buy to quiet down the loud noise that comes from the exhaust in your car. You could make this work by ensuring the hole through which the noise will pass to be narrow enough to reduce the noise. It is very easy to install and requires you to only slip it right inside the exhaust. Make sure you get the exact one for the model you own. It might not be as effective as other options but is easy to fix and cheap as well.


Nothing feels better and more enjoyable than driving a quiet car around town

5. Putting in a DIY silencer

This one is quite different from the one we mentioned above. This requires you making use of what you have at home as an alternative to what you could have bought in deadening the loud noise coming from the exhaust.  Just like you would see lots of DIY repairs or fixes on the web, it could be risky too. Obviously, the decision is yours. You could make use of steel wool, jar lid or even the soda can. Some of these homemade silencers could work very well with your car but you should also know you are taking big risks.

6. Final take

We strongly believe that the solutions above should be able to help fix your loud exhaust. However, if you are experiencing frustration with your exhaust, you could as well soundproof the cabin by using soundproofing mats or even sprays for sound deadening. This would still pose noise to those around you but minimizes what comes right into the car. Make sure you fix the problem by using more effective methods and get your car as quiet as possible.

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