5 ways you can boost your car engine horsepower


A car engine's horsepower determines the performance of a car. Learn easy ways to increase your car's horsepower for better performance and usability!

Performance is an important factor in cars. A beautiful car that lacks the capacity to perform well falls short in its ability to satisfy the needs of users. Everyone longs to drive a car with high-performance level, getting to their destination to and fro in the shortest time possible. This makes the subject of horsepower key in discussions about car performance. The higher the horsepower, the better your car performs in terms of speed.

In a bid to satisfy the needs of their esteemed customers, automakers are constantly working to provide better horsepower, and this has been fruitful in some quarters. Your car can perform better than it currently does, if you are able to make some tweaks to its horsepower.


There are ways to boost your car performance, check out those listed below

5 ways to increase your car’s horsepower

1. Intake of cold air

If you want to make changes to your car engine, a cold air intake is one of the easiest techniques to implement. With the use of a customized tube assembly for air intake, cold air intake can be used to direct air filters of the engine to a suitable area in the engine bay that has adequate space. The density of cool air is higher than that of hot air, hence, a larger quantity of air is channeled to the engine in this state.

Not only does cold air intake give the engine denser air, it also provides a filter for air performance.

2. Exhaust

There are various modifications that can be done to increase the horsepower of your car engine. Some of these options include: High Flow Catalytic Convertors, Long Tube Headers and High Flow Cat Back Exhaust amongst others. These exhaust modifications perform the same functions but in different capacities. They enhance the flow in the exhaust, creating space for the car engine to inhale air freely.

Air channeled to the engine has to be cleared from the chamber of the combustion following a power stroke – this is what happens in the exhaust system. When clogs in the exhaust are cleared for smooth flow, the engine is made to pressurize air in the exhaust system with little or no restrictions. This increases the efficiency of the engine as well as the horsepower.


Modifying the exhaust system is a common way to bring your car horsepower up

3. Performance chip

A lot of modern-day car engines make use of Electronic Control Modules (ECM). Activities such as spark timing, fuel timing and volume, valve timing and A/F ratio are performed via an ECM. Under normal circumstances, the ECM of engines is programmed to give drivers the best fuel mileage, simplicity and less noise. To attain this level, engineers need to make changes in other parts of the car.

According to reports, 20% of engine power is given up in order to enhance the experience of drivers in various driving situations.

4. Internal modifications

Factors discussed above are mostly automated without much manual input. To attain great horsepower, the car engine is a great place to look into. Basically, an engine works as an air pump. The larger the air volume passed through the engine in the intake-compression-power-exhaust process, the higher your car engine’s horsepower. Other ways to enhance the engine horsepower include: changing the camshaft, boring the engine and replacing heads of the cylinder with customized performance cylinder heads.

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5. Weight reduction

When focused on increasing your horsepower, reducing your car weight may be the last thing to consider. However, this is an effective and affordable technique.

There are designated numbers to target, but this is proportional to the weight ratio of your vehicle’s horsepower. On a general note, removing 10 to 15lbs weight from your car will go a long way in increasing its horsepower.

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Chris Odogwu