7 top tips to pamper your car upholstery and keep your interiors sparkling!


A clean upholstery is a very important part of the interior of your car as it gives your car more value in a secondary market. These tips help to preserve it

You might have noticed it or not, that a good interior especially nice looking car upholstery has the ability to increase the value of a car in the secondary market. There is this feeling of comfort that a clean looking car seat gives that you can't explain but only feel. It's also a respectable thing to have your car upholstery looking good when other people enter into your car, as people appreciate a clean car.

So it's important that your car interiors be clean and well maintained either it is a new car or a tokunbo. In this article, Naijacarnews gives you 7 top tips to keep your car upholstery in a good shape always, so you can drive it comfortably for many years or be able to sell at a good price later in the future. So let's have a look together.

1. Cleaning tips - you can't do without this!

The first thing to note is cleaning tips, this is because cleanliness is not just next to godliness, it is synonymous to preservation. The more dirt your upholstery gathers, the faster it will wear off as dust particles have the tendency to crack up your leather upholstery sooner than you will expect.

It is therefore essential to vacuum your car interiors regularly taking note to do those hard to reach places and corners of your seats. It is preferable to do this vacuum cleaning whenever you go to a car wash to get your car cleaned. Standard cleaning periods for your car should be a minimum of once in two weeks.

Vacuum cleaning your car at the car wash affords you the use of their power vacuum cleaners at the which has the ability to suck out tiny specks of dust and crumbs hidden in those crevices.


Cleaning your car regularly makes your upholstery free from dirt that can deface it!

2. UV protection for your car - this is vital!

The damaging effects of UV rays are far reaching for your car. The bleaching effects are not to be toiled with as UV has the ability to bleach the colours of your upholstery faster, making it look whiter and off colour than when you bought it. It can also make this leather seat crack faster as it destroys leather elasticity very quickly. Here are some precautions to take in protecting your car from UV rays

  • Use the benefits of a garage or carport to protect your car from UV rays
  • Always look for a shaded area to park when not around your home
  • Protect your dash with the aid of a windshield UV reflector or sun shield.
  • Get a tinted window to further protect your car from UV rays (but get a permit for your tinted windows)

This helps you limit the time spent in the sun by your car and helps to extend the life of your upholstery.

3. Prohibit eating or drinking in your car!

That's right! Make your car out of bounds to drinking and eating. Though it is understandable that most of us live in traffic especially for people in Lagos who spend a quarter of their day in traffic, the fact remains that you can't be too careful as you are definitely bound to spill a drink or food substance on your car seat. This might leave a permanent stain on your upholstery and reduce the quality of that leather or fabric. If you must eat, make sure to park somewhere and eat the food before proceeding.


Spills are very hard to clean as it leaves stains that reduce the value of your car!

4. Seat covers and foot-mats - another preventive measure!

Seat covers and foot mats are great investments to maintain the beauty of your car. These are preventive maintenance measures rather than carrying out corrective maintenance when it is too late. Floor mats for both front and back seats are recommended as this helps to maintain cars from the effects of dirt and mud.

The seat covers also help your car seats look continuously new as it protects the seats from UV rays, the sun, and stains from food droppings. With these two, your car upholstery is sure to last for a long time.


Foot mats help keep dust and mud away from destroying the upholstery of your car!

5. Invest in a fabric preserver!

There are various fabric preservers in the market that can help keep your upholstery stain-resistant as well as water-resistant. Treating your upholstery with these fabric preservers like Scotchguard helps you easily clean most stains like mud, liquid spills, and stains, by just wiping them with a wet rag.

6. Keep hardware materials away from your upholstery

Hardware is solid material like sharp plastics and metals that can be detrimental to the durability of your car seats. This materials can be subject to rust and can attract other dirt which then becomes imprinted on your car upholstery by contact. They can also be responsible for causing a tear in your upholstery.

7. Never use your car as a storage dump.

A lot of people carry stuff in their car trunks and in their back seats all the time making these seats susceptible to dirt and stains that are not likely to be removed. If you keep your car clear of stuff, trash, and liquids, it becomes easier to clean and to maintain.


Using your car trunks and back seats as storage dump can adversely affect your upholstery!

Final take!

Naijacarnews feels if one can keep these precautionary activities, it will be easy to maintain and preserve the life and beauty of your car upholstery.

Segun Ogunbiyi