A quick guide to changing your flat tyre


There's nothing as embarrassing and annoying as having a flat tyre while on an emergency, To enable you change them with little or no hassle, here's a quick guide to changing your flat tyre.

There's nothing as embarrassing and annoying as having a flat tyre while on the way to work, home or some important event. You might find a mechanic around for a quick fix, but when you're in the middle of nowhere you may have to do everything yourself. This is even one of the reasons tyre manufacturers like Michelin invented the self sealing tyres. It enables you drive for a while after puncture, till you're able to change them.

Watch how to change car tire

But it doesn't mean you shouldn't know how to change your tyres in case there's an emergency. To enable you carry out the process with little or no hassle, here's a quick guide to changing your flat tyre, provided by Naijacarnews.com!

1. Understand how your car jack works

How a jack is assembled and operated differ from vehicle to vehicle. Some can just be placed under the vehicle and rolled, others need to be inserted in a hole near the rear tyre. Whatever the case, the main thing is to be able to jack up the car. It won't make any sense waiting till the tyre is flat before getting around using the jack. Do that now.

2. Have a good spare tyre

Good thing the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) has made it mandatory to always have a working spare tyre. But it's also your duty to ensure that the tyre is actually in good condition. So every week inspect the spare tyre, check for leaks, tears and wears. Also ensure it hasn't gone past it's expiry date.

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3. Ensure you have necessary tools

Changing your flat tyre isn't as easy as ABC. Hence you need to have the tools needed - the jack, wheel spanner, hand gloves and a rag.


With proper tools, tire changing task becomes so easy

4. Park properly then change your tyres

If you were driving before you had a flat tyre, park by the side of the road and mount your warning triangle. This helps tell oncoming vehicles to beware of your car. Once parked, assemble your jack, set it and elevate the area where the flat tyre is. Get your wheel spanner (it's usually like a cross sign), and loosen the screws on the wheel you intend to change. Screws could range from 4 to 8 on a wheel. Then carefully pull off the flat wheel. Replace with the spare tyre and ensure the holes for the screws are visible. Put back the screws and tighten properly. Then you can bring down the vehicle with jack.

Finally, always ensure that the screws on all the other wheels are tight as well. Once certain, drive to a vulcaniser's shop and fix the flat tyre you replaced. It automatically becomes your spare tyre in case there's another flat next time.

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