A troubleshooting checklist to determine need for brake replacement


Brake problems can lead to deadly car accidents if ignored. Wish to know when to get a brake replacement? Check here to see our troubleshooting checklist!

Naijacarnews does not in any way support ignoring any signs of a bad brake system or any general brake problems. As a good driver or car owner, you should realize that any problem with your car brakes can escalate and result in serious car accidents that can be life-threatening.

Even though some of the repair needed for most brake-related problems are straightforward and very simple, the fact still remains that you need to identify the particular problem and the main cause before you can treat it. This is why we have prepared the troubleshooting checklist below to easily guide and help you identify the specific problem with your brakes as well as figure out the components of the brakes that might be causing the problems.

1. Can you hear the noises?

Your engine would keep making some noises to warn you about disc brakes problems if you are having one. You should apply brake fluid to fix these noises issue if only they are coming from your vehicle’s brake pads. Nonetheless, low quality or worn-out brake linings, worn hardware part that is attached to the brake calipers, or loose front disc brake pads might be what these squealing noises are probably warning you about.

However, you might have an excessively worn out brake linings if you are getting some grinding noises anytime you apply pressure on the brake pedal. And if that is the case with your car, please just take it to the nearest repair shop immediately for brake repair by an expert.


Noises from some brake related parts of your car are sometimes clear indicators of brake problems

2. Are you getting vibrations?

You might realize that even when you stop the car normally, the brake pedals keep thumping up and down, this is a sign that your brakes are overheated because you overused them. On the other hand, your front brake discs might be the one needing replacements if you are getting these vibrations/shakes at the steering wheel when you press the brake pedal. And if it is the case that when you stop your car shortly, the car bounces up and down, then your shock absorbers might be the one needing replacements.

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3. Are you having troubles while braking?

Know that your brake has multiple problems if you are facing some difficulties in stopping your car. Your brakes might need adjustment or the brake linings needs replacement if you notice that your car skids forward too far after you press the brake pedal. On the contrary, if you notice that while braking, the car turns to one side instead of straight ahead then, you might be facing a stuck caliper or brake fluid leak problem.

Another case might be that you realize that you are having to push the brake pedal hard for the brakes to actually work for you, in such case, a low or contaminated brake fluid might be the cause of the problem. You might need to bleed or flush and replace the brake fluid in such a case to fix the problem. And another possible cause of this problem might be worn out brake pads and to fix it, you need a brake pad replacement.

How to diagnose Brake Issues - Shaky steering wheel, noise, hard or spongy brake pedal diagnosis

4. The brake fluid needs checking

You can easily avoid major brake-related issues that will lead to an eventual brake replacement if you check your brake fluid regularly. This brake fluid really helps the brakes in your vehicle to work smoothly and make you enjoy the ride. To check on this brake fluid, just remove the master cylinder lid in the engine compartment. Check thoroughly for leaks, and check the color to see if its dark brown because if the oil is of such color you need to change it immediately.

Even these are not all the possible symptoms but to some extent, these are the common ones that can help you diagnose and troubleshoot brake problems in any vehicle. And if at any point you are confused whether you should get a minor fix to the brake problem or get an entire brake replacement done, we recommend that you seek the advice of an expert mechanic near you.

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