An easy and safe way to disconnect your car's battery


In case of a dead battery, the need to remove it arises. However, this doesn't require the help of a mechanic. Here's an easy and safe way to disconnect your car's battery! Read now to learn the step-by-step guide.

There are times when you may have the need to disconnect your car's battery. For instance, if you have a dead battery and needing a replacement or when some engine parts are due for changing. Whatever reason that may come up, you should be able to disconnect your car's battery or replace it yourself, instead of going out to look for a mechanic to help you out.

Learning how to Do-it-yourself (DIY) is a great way of saving up some cash, which Naijacarnews will be glad to help you do by teaching you an easy and safe way to disconnect your car's battery. Whether you're a new car owner or you've been driving since you were 10, it doesn't matter. You can get it done in less than 2 minutes.

Before you disconnect the battery,

  • Ensure the ignition is turned off.
  • Put on a hand glove
  • Get a wrench to help unbolt the cable

1. Spot out where the battery is located

It's advisable that every car owner should have a basic knowledge of their car, how it operates and the location of each part. To disconnect your battery, you should know first where it's placed in the car. The owner’s manual shows where to find the battery and also instructions on how to replace the battery. Well, who doesn't know where their car's battery is located?


You should be able to know where your car battery is located

2. Distinguish the positive and negative wires

A car battery has a positive and negative terminal which should be distinguished in order to take the wires off. The positive terminal is marked with a plus (+) sign and has a red cap while the negative terminal has the minus (-) sign with a black cover.

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3. Detach the battery cables

You'll require the right wrench to be able to untighten the bolt and pull off the wire. Get a wrench that can help you rotate the bolt so that the clamp can come off. A 10-mm open-end wrench can serve the purpose.

And now to unbolting the cables. Start with the negative terminal first before you move over to the positive cable.

The wrenches should touch the positive and negative terminals at the same time to prevent sparking


Avoid sparking by contact the wrenches with both terminals at the same time

4. Bring the battery out

If you've loosened the clamps, then bring the battery out. There are some instances where an extra clamp is used to attach the battery to its tray, loosen it as well Once done, the battery is free to be taken out.

And that's it. Easy and simple.

If you want to save the battery's power to be used later, take the negative terminal off first. When done this way, the power will be saved for up to six months. Also, don't forget to use zip ties to the battery wires so they don't touch each other and elicit a spark.


Follow these steps for an easy and safe way to disconnect your car's battery!

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