Car problems you should not repair by yourself


No matter the number of car maintenance videos and tutorials you watch online, there are some car issues you should never repair by yourself ! Check them out

These days, a lot of people watch YouTube videos to find out how to fix pretty much every problem their car has. This is not entirely right. It's fine to at least know what's wrong with your vehicle and what you can do about it, but there are car issues you should never repair by yourself.

Except you're a professional car mechanic, you might end up running that component that would have been easily repaired or even damaging other parts linked to it. For instance, if you're fixing your gearbox and end up damaging the clutch plate, you will end up spending over two times what you would have if you went to the mechanic in the first place. Therefore, once you notice something wrong in your car, head straight to diagnostic center or call your car mechanic as soon as you can to handle it before it gets out of hand.

Below are 5 car problems that should be fixed by professionals!

1. Faulty timing belt

If you follow our car review articles, you will notice that the timing belt is a major issue in cars made in the past. The Honda Halla, Honda Baby boy and a few others come with a timing belt. This timing belt plays an important role of keeping the certain parts of the engine intact. But there is a bad side - it has to be replaced every 60 months or after ten thousand kilometers covered. This is why many car manufacturers now use the timing chain, as it lasts for a way longer time.

Now, back to the timing belt. If you decide not to change it after the stipulated time or if it gets worn out, the pistons, valves, cylinder heads and crankshaft of your engine will practically fall apart. That's why it needs replacement. To carry out this replacement, you literally have to dismantle the engine. Can you do that alone at home? I thought not. You'll need not just any mechanic but an experienced one to get the job done for you. Keep in mind that it also takes a long time since they will also have to ensure the parts synced by the belt are well put back together afterwards.


The engine of a car should never be tampered with except by a professional

2. Radiator malfunction

When your car comes on, how much heat is contained in the engine is determined by the radiator which acts as a controller, somewhat. This further prevents your engine from overheating and subsequently malfunctioning. However, if the radiator this time decides to malfunction (not like it made the decision on its own but with factors affecting it), the cooling system of your car won't work as it should.

This means you'll have to change the radiator. Do you think it's something you can actually do all by yourself? Disconnecting those delicate hoses (they are quite a lot) is time consuming and requires expertise. If any of them go bad, you'll spend thousands of naira in getting another set. In fact, let's assume you can replace the radiator on your own. If you make one single mistake, it can fry your engine. I believe you have an idea of how much a new engine costs?

3. Defective transmission

We understand that fixing transmission issues can be expensive but it's definitely not as costly as buying a whole new gearbox. If your car experiences transmission slipping or gearbox issues, YouTube videos won't help you unless you have prior knowledge. The best thin to do is to take it to a mechanic who knows the job. While fixing the transmission yourself, do you know you can actually break a component and will end up buying a new set?

If you're even able to fix it, but get the original installations wrongly, it can go bad or refuse to engage while you're driving. Imagine driving a car that can't change gears. You don't want all of that complications in your hands.

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4. Engine Diagnosis

Troubleshooting your engine when something isn't right can be quite tricky. If you don't have the right tools and an eye for the tech involved, you may end up misinterpreting the result and repairing the wrong issues in your vehicle. For instance, drivers immediately start topping engine oil when the engine light comes on or even start adding more transmission fluid or that for the power steering.


Bring your car to the mechanic and let him do his job!

Overflow of these fluids can lead to leaks, defection and damages. It's only wise that you take your car to a reliable diagnostic center with the right tools for inspecting your car engine. You won't want to start dismantling your timing belt when it's just the coolant that needs topping, or tampering with the transmission when you simply need to tighten a nut on the shaft.

5. Changing the windshield of your car

We have an article on changing car windows, that's entirely different from changing the windshield. You might end up cracking the glass or fixing it loosely. You won't want to drive a car whose windshield can fall off anytime. That's why it is one of the car issues you should never repair by yourself.

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Kennedy Ilediagu