Car window problem: What to do when your power window won't go up?


If the window gets bad it ruins your driving experience, here is what to do when your power window won't go up.

Your car windows is a major integral part of your car's entire driver assistance and safety system. Not only does it protect you from objects that could hit you from the outside, but it also ensures warmth is kept in when wind up and ventilation is assured when winding down. But when it suddenly starts acting up, you can get frustrated. It could stop going up, down or just moves when it feels like.

Once you notice such issues, it's time to visit your car electrician. But then, you won't want to always spend money on fixing such minor problems, so why not learn how to fix the car window problems yourself? Well, that's the essence of this article. Since it's somewhat easier to tackle issues with manual windows, we have decided to come up with a unique guide for automatic car owners.

If you have been wondering what to do when your power window won't go up, this article by Naijacarnews is exactly for you. If your manual car also comes with power windies, you aren't left out either.

1. Check if the fuse is blown and replace it

Once you notice that your post window has stopped going up or even down, there's a possibility that the fuse has got blown. You will have to unscrew the door panel and check the handle area to find where the fuse box is (With the help of your car manual, you will easily locate where it is). Some are found around the dash of the door or can even be connected to it.

Remove the fuse, take note of the specifications, amps and even size before heading to buy it. Do not purchase one that looks like it. Ensure you buy exactly the same kind and place back exactly where you took it out from. Once fixed, try pressing the buttons again. If it still doesn't go up, you'll have to check the next probable culprit - the window gasket.

2. Examine the window gaskets and see if they are well fixed

When your power window doesn't go up, it could be getting hindered by the window gasket. In case, you're wondering what the window gasket is, it's the rubber-like seal that helps keep your car glass window in place when it's been wind up or down. It's attached to the car door and keeps the window firm. When dirt, grease or debris get stuck in it, it can prevent the gasket from working properly.

Look for acetone (you can purchase it from a cleaning accessory shop or car accessory shop), use it to clean the gaskets. When applying the acetone to the window gasket, use with utmost care so it doesn't spill onto other interior parts of your car or the body. Acetone ruins the paint of your car and makes it look like its peeling off. It also dents the carpet - especially cloth carpets. That said, try moving the window. It should go up this time.

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There are many parts needs inspections when the incident of a stuck car window happens

3. Replace the switch if it's faulty

Another likely reason for why your power window won't go up is a faulty switch. Try pressing the up and down switch to be sure which one is at fault. When certain, you'll have to remove the switchboard for the affected window and replace it. The step isn't so difficult.

Simply check the reading of the connectors with the help of a digital multimeter. Unplug them and connect to the meter, it should read about 12 volts. Anything below or way higher shows that the switch has gone bad. Get a new switch and connect it to the connectors. Place them back try winding up the window. It should work this time.

4. Check the motor of the window or the regulator

Checking the motor of the window is a bit complex and you will have to remove the door panel. Look at the car manual to know what sides the screws are, and unscrew them. Gently move the gasket and weather stripping so they don't break or bend in a way that they can't be used anymore. You can use the multimeter again to confirm what reading the motor has been getting. Your car manual has the information you need. If the reading is in line with what is in the manual, then the regulator might be the issue. If the motor is not working correctly, have it changed. Once done, gently place back the door panel and screw it up to test the power windows.

With these few tips, you can now have an idea of where to look and what to do when your power window doesn't go up. We also advise that if you aren't sure you can carry out these checks and fixes yourself, please take your vehicle to the nearest professional car electrician.

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