Cleaning the car's engine – are there mechanical benefits of doing that?


Many claim cleaning the car's engine help it run cooler, hence lessen the risk of overheating. Is that a myth or just a fact? Read on the find the answer! delivers high-quality car maintenance tips and advice just as much as we deliver high-quality, reliable auto-related news and reports.

Before we even discuss on any mechanical benefits, it is obvious that having the engine compartment of your car in clean shape and form makes even a severely used car look newer as well as tells more about how well it is maintained.

We do understand that many auto cleaning shops/outlets would usually claim that having the engine cleaned makes every vehicle run slightly cooler, but is this really true?


A super clean engine bay can make always feel proud to open the bonnet anywhere, anytime

Even though it might be somewhat true that grease dirt and oils that accumulate on a vehicle’s engine can actually trap heat, it is still doubtful if this could be enough to now cause a vehicle’s engine to really overheat or get hotter as it runs.

An overheating engine would mostly have its cause rooted in problems with a vehicle’s cooling system – or if it's under stressful towing conditions with a heavier weight than specified or any other unrelated issues to the engine bay’s cleanliness.

“So, do not directly associate an overheating engine with dirty or uncleaned engine bay.” – NaijaCarNews

There has also never been any real evidence to prove that a vehicle with a clean engine bay runs much better than the one with a dirty, oily engine bay. It is very unlikely that simply cleaning or de-greasing an engine bay will increase the vehicle’s performance and make it run better, No!

  Video: How to Wash Your Engine At Car Wash💧

So, are there any form of mechanical benefits whatsoever in cleaning the engine? Yes, but just a few.

Below are some of the best benefits that we know you can get from cleaning the engine of a car;

  • It can help a driver to easily detect where the grease or oil is leaking from to litter the engine. It might be issues like a leaky valve-cover gasket
  • You literally get a cleaner looking engine bay that might be a big plus when trying to sell your car

Not much, isn’t it?

Maybe that’s why most Nigerians do not even bother cleaning up their engines. But when you do start to face issues like leaky components, it might become very stressful detecting the leak source if your car’s engine bay is too dirty.

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Oluwaseun Solomon