Gear up your beloved vehicle with these awesome tools


If you already spent millions of Naira on your car, why not spend some thousand more to upgrade it further. Below are 15 ways you can do just that

If you already invested some million Nairas on your car, there's no reason for you to spend just a fraction more of that on things that will not only elaborately decorate your furniture but help save your life in some perilous situation. Consider equip your car with one or all of the 15 items below:

1. Dash camera

I couldn't possibly overstate the importance of this rather small device since it has immense benefits for you and your car. First off, if you somehow get involved in an accident, this little device and the data inside would close the case in your favor. In extreme situations that involve a fatality, this might save you a lifetime in jail or a big fat cheque that could possibly bankrupt your whole family, or even both.


This might save you a lawsuit, or even your life

2. Mini jump starter

This might come in handy in many situations, most of them are related to your battery. It's easier than you'd think to drain your car battery. For example, getting home after an exhausting day and leaving your light on overnight is all it takes to do so. And you only find out about that when you're in the middle of nowhere.


Don't try to save money by cutting back on your tool, buy what is necessary

Of course, you can always wave your thumb and ask other cars to give your battery a jump, or you can prepare yourself beforehand like a real adult. When you bring home your first car, please do yourself a favor and purchase a mini-jumper immediately.

3. Tire monitor device

You know what is the first thing that you should do before getting in a car? Your tires. This not only saves you tons of fuel, but it also prevents accidents from happening.


Just put these 4 plug-ins on your tires and you're good to go

In general, you can tell the level of inflation just by your eyes. That's before you get into your car. What about when you're inside the car? There's a way for that too. You can simply plug it in your tires and monitor it with another device you carry with you. This device is so important that having one or integrating it into your car is obligatory in the U.S.

4. GPS tracker

Cars nowadays do have this integrated inside but some don't. You should consider buying a separate device and keep it in a discreet location in your car. The reason is that it comes in handy when you want to navigate around or if you're unfortunate to have your car stolen, the device could help the police track it down much more easily. 


This is more than just a navigation device


5. Bluetooth speaker

Other than echoing your favorite tunes, there's another angle that you might overlook, phone calls. Taking phone calls is extremely dangerous and is in fact illegal. Also pulling your car over just for a phone call is daunting and time-consuming. You should buy one that automatically turns on when you enter the car and turns off when you left for extra convenience.


You can answer your calls hand-free with this simple device

6. Phone holder

Once in a while, you need to slow down and search for directions or phone calls or messages. When you do, you would need as few gestures as possible since they would distract you from the road. 

A phone holder would make it very easy for you to do that. It keeps your phone at a stable and direct position so you can simultaneously look at it and the road. 


With this, you can look at your phone and the road at the same time

7. Seatbelt cutter and window breaker

Have you ever seen a situation where a character and his car veers off the street and crash into a lake or set their car on fire. God forbids, if you're in a tragedy like that, the car could be flipped upside down and it is impossible to reach for the window opener or seatbelt. You need a way to escape the car before it exploded or totally submerged into water. 


This small device might save your life one day 

In either, you'll need something to do that quickly, or better, do both. RESQME Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker 2 in 1 will do just that. Though the chance of that scenario happening is very slim, you should get yourself one since it's cheap and very lightweight.

8. Carjack

There are many instances that you will need it, for example when you have to change the tire or examine the chassis, your bare hands could not possibly do this, and even if you can, you can't hold it for longer than some seconds.


One would not possibly lift a car up, leave that to a specialized device

So don't do that. Instead, get yourself a Powerbuilt 640912 3-ton car jack. You can put it under your car, do some pump-up movements and your hands are free to explore whatever you want under your car.

9. Car key finder

Many of us adults are not fond of using too many keychains, some even have only 1 car key and 1 door key hooked together. This simplicity might come back and bite you, especially when you left it somewhere you can't remember. 


Stick it to your car key and you'll never have to worry about locating it anymore

If you're one of those people, get yourself a Bluetooth key finder, which you can simply push a button and your key will ring to tell you where it's located.

10.  Laser detector

Wow, why do I need a device with the tag "laser" in my car? If you will, this will not shoot out any laser but rather to detect laser from police officers who might be waiting patiently with their speeding tickets in hand. 


Speeding ticket often leaves a deep hole in your pocket, so try your best to avoid them

If you happen to be an enthusiastic driver who likes to flat the pedal, this one can come in handy for you.

11. Radio transmitter

This one might be more popular with the baby boomers. The device simply picks up the radio signal from your phone and turn itself into a radio station. The mechanism is easy and simple so you can get one ay virtually any car shop.


Baby boomers would be glad to know this device exists

12. Car cover

Do we need to emphasize the importance of this thing, especially with the heat of Nigeria? Other than protecting your car against the scorching sunlight, it can prevent natural acids and maybe bird/insect feces to stick to your car that erode your paint. Consider getting one, now.


This is like a layer of clothing for your car

13. Seat organizer

If you're a solitary driver who likes to handle things on your own, I suggest you get yourself this one. It will turn all your stuff and junk into one neat, organized bag with head strap for it to be attached to the passenger seat. 


If you happen to got a lot of junks, this utility bag might help

14. Booster seat

If you happen to have children, this can be useful. They are often short and so the seatbelt cannot effectively do its job. By a seat booster, the child can seat in higher position and therefore is better protected by the belt.


Assist your children with these portable booster seats

15. Rear vision camera

This device can be very beneficial to inexperienced drivers and even a seasoned one. You can park more easily if you're driving a large car and also you can look at the vehicles in the back and hence be able to adjust the speed.


A rear vision is extremely valuable when you're in a busy car park

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